I'm finished the semester.....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by CockatooMom, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. CockatooMom

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    And now I will be moving into a very small loft apartment over the weekend and Christmas.

    I passed all my classes except the one nursing class I was struggling in.
    I got a "B" in microbiology
    "A-" in Micro LAB
    "B-" in my health patterns 211 nursing class
    But not high enough in the health pattern 212 to pass with a 75%.

    I knew when Rick (spouse)left me for the other woman it was going to be hard. But almost 10-12% of the class failed this class, so I'm not alone.

    I'm going to take some classes next semester toward my bachelors degree to stay current.

    I'm ok with where I am and what I have to deal with. I feel I'll be a better nurse because of it.

    In the mean time, dating not going too well. The guys that really like me, I don't feel the same toward them, or when I really like them, they don't like me! Go figure! Oh well...who cares. I'm fine alone!

    Take care everyone!
  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I so admire anyone with this dd staying the course. Well done.

    Have a good rest over the vacation.

    Love Annie crom
  3. larryh

    larryh New Member

    You should be proud of yourself. It is so hard to make it is school while you are sick and it sounds like you are doing great.

  4. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    That is a wonderful accomplishment!!

    As far as the men, don't worry about that, it will only distract you. If I'd spent as much energy working on myself instead of trying to get a man, in my younger years, that is, I would likely be a millionaire.

    Now, 10 years of being on my own and LOVING it!

    All the best to you,
    sue in ONtario