im freaking out!!!!

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  1. kinkypinky23

    kinkypinky23 New Member

    I have been having really severe chest pain for months and it happens when i breathe usually on my right side. Basically it is freaking me out, i had my doctor out last night because i was in agony and i was sweating like mad.
    I been feeling really weird i get hot and sweaty and really agitated, doctor said nothing was wrong and just told me to take some pain killers. The strange thing is i will start to feel well for about an hour then i will start getting hot sweaty and agitated again.

    I also wake up like this really frightening.
    Anyone else have similar problems?
  2. BabsFl

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    I also have these problems. Mine is usually located on the left side, that is really scary because that is the side that your heart is on! I also sweat ans have pain in my shoulder.

    The doc said that one of the fibro tender points is the chest wall and just as fibro causes severe pain in other places it will do the same in the chest. Because it causes you more stress and fear then if it was a hip or knee or something, your stress level goes up (of coarse) and as we all know what stress does to us it is much more uncomfotable.

    Muscle relaxers and pain meds and tring to just relax helps me. But it is very scary, as long as your doc has checked and made sure it is not your heart I would say it is the fibro. Never take a chance always check with the doc first and if you have 2 go to the er room don't tell them that you have fibro that way they will do a good check other than right away blaming it on the fibro unfortunatly they often do that!!

    Hope this has been some help, keep your chin up you are not alone and sooner or later the pain will choose somewhere else to make you misreable. Rather a knee than your chest

    God Bless and Big Hug,
    Barb G
  3. salcon

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    I have been having chest pains on the right for the past month and the drs can't figure out why. I had all the heart tests done and everything came back fine. So the dr put me on something called Mobicox its an anti-immflamatory. After three weeks it made no difference except to my stomach so I came off it. My chest pains come and go and I get so I can't breathe deeply enough. I had a lung scan and a breathing test also OK. Who knows? I put it down to cfs what else?
  4. kinkypinky23

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    I also recently had a ventilation and perfusion test done on my lungs and that came back normal. I dont want to scare anyone but they are not entirely accurate. Recently my sister had a PE and her lung test came back normal, turned out she had clot on the lung, only after she collapsed did they realise.

    I think that is what is freaking me out that the test might of been wrong and I think i am probably gonna keep hassling my GP until he finds out what is causing it.
  5. kredca4

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    Was Kezzanottm your sister? I remeber you posting about her collapsing and passing away from and undx or untreated (?) PE.

    With tha kind of experience, I don't doubt that you would be nervous about being mis=dx. Does happen, and it's a real Problem for sure.

    Headed to my New Primary Doc. for a Physical, but I'm loaded for Bear this time, I have a list of Symptoms, I want checked out, just to be sure. The HMO will love me, but I want some answer's you know?

    Sorry about your sister, kezzanottm.

  6. kinkypinky23

    kinkypinky23 New Member

    Kezza nottm was not my sister, my sister is still alive but very lucky to be.

    Kezza was someone i knew off this and other message boards but i knew her bf personally.
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I had these symptoms awhile back~It was very frightning to say the least!! I thought something was seriously wrong!At the drs.(went to a couple of them),did'nt even do any chest x-rays or anything!! they attributed it to High anxiety!! Just because at the time I was going thru alot.I had found a lump on my breast,and in the very same week i had a bad pap smear showing dysplasia on my cervix! So...YES,I was freakin out!! BIG! but still,for me to go to the ER having all your symptoms,and crying, out of fear,you'd think they'd run some kind of tests on me???No....they said it was all stress/anxiety. Well convinced that they were wrong and I was dying....and this could'nt be all from anxiety....I started to research what stress/anxiety can do to a person~You'd be amazed all the crazy things that your body can go thru trying to fight off fear,stress,anxiety,etc...It can mimic a heart attack,your throat can feel like it closing off and you can't breathe,weight loss, name it!!
    I have heard tho that there are trigger points in the chest wall that can cause alot of pain.
    I feel bad you are going thru this~ When I had this problem it was the worse!!I hated how i felt!and it lasted a long time.(6 months,never letting up)I even asked for something to calm me down(like anything to make it go away!!!valium,whatever!)I'm still pissed to this day because Nobody gave me anything!! When I look back at that time in my life.....I felt very alone.
    Please know that you are in my thoughts~
  8. healthywannabe

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    Hello. chest pain is very common in ammonia. especcialy when you breath in. you should get a chest x-ray. Hope you get feeling better. peace..Zoe
  9. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    In any event, it's sure scary when you are having these kinds of Pain.s I'm very glad that your Sister is still alive, I guess I misread your post. I ;m sorry that your Friend passed away, but at least you got to know her.

    It's funny how people make an Impact on our lives, that's what's so great about this board, the support and friendship, some have really bonded and are very good Friends.

  10. Princessraye

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    Mine chest pain is called costochondritis. Painful !
    You can do a search on the net or this board. I took OTC anti inflamatory meds and used a moist heating pad.
  11. healing

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    Kink, I'm not trying to trivialize this, but it could be common gas, which can cause pressure on your diaphragm and make you hot and sweaty -- or clammy and sweaty too. Sometimes I have this happen and it makes me feel anxious and upset until it finally dawns on me that it's gas.

    Also, have you had your gallbladder checked?

    Hope this helps.