I'm getting a new baby!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. cjcookie

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    Actually a doggy baby. My neighbors have Shih Tzu puppies and I decided to buy one. My doc just upped my depression meds this week. Taking 40 mgs Lexapro and 150 mgs Effexor and I decided I needed something positive to help me get my mind off all of this.

    I visited the puppies last night and I fell in love. Tonight my son and I have to agree on one. He wants a boy but one of the girls follows me around. I've never had a dog before.

    Any dog experts - all tips are welcome - especially Shih Tzu "parents".
  2. Jo29

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    My daughter has a Shih Tzu. Her name is Dory and she is sooo lovable. She is great with kids too.

    Dory has been a great dog and I am sure your new baby will be too.

  3. louiesgirl2

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    Lots of patience and love. Your best bet is to go on the Shitzu website and they can give you tons of information about the breed. Also, if you Google - Puppy Training, I am sure you could find information there.

    Lots of luck.

  4. tngirl

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    I wouldin't take anything for mine! I've had both boys and girls.

    I have found that girls are easier to housebreak. The boys had a tendancy to want to "mark" their territory in the house!

    Yes, I agree with the person who said to look them up. My sister had a shih Tzu. She was great, but DID have breathing problems. I think I have read that is typical to breeds that have sort of a "squished" nose.

    How old is the puppy? Realize that they will have accidents in the house and will not train overnight, especially if they are really young.

    Take it out frequently (you will become trained better than it at first) especially after eating or after waking up.

    I got some spray stuff from Petco (don't remember the name of it) to spray on the grass. They smell it and it encourages them to pee there.

    YOu can also get stuff to clean it up from your floor if they pee there. Because if you just clean it regularly the scent remains and they may pee there again.

    Some people crate train. The puppies stay in the crate most of the time and don't want to mess up their close space with pee and learn to go elswhere. I didn't do that although it reportedly works well. I wanted to have the baby with me.
  5. momo21

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    Congrat with the "new baby"! You will love him or her to death!

    I have a "baby girl" named Molly. She just turned 7 a couple of weeks ago. She certainly doesn't think she's a dog though. This breed very much acts like human. They are VERY smart, lovable and affectionate. My mom has a boy, Nikko, who has a personality that will put you in tears. He sings, dances, prays, counts... because she has taught him all of these things. Molly just likes to be loved. She is the 'daughter' we never had and she certainly knows it. SPOILED ROTTEN!

    Unfortunately, I don't have many puppy training tips for you because I got Molly when she was 9 months old and pretty much trained.

    Just give lots of love and you'll get 110% back. Have fun!

  6. sofy

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    from a rescue group just befor I had to close my business. She was deemed to vicious to be adopted, by the pound, but one of those crazy dog rescue ladies took her and I found her on the net.

    She was so skinny, only 10 pounds and it was in the middle of an awful cold winter. She was on the streets for some time.

    The first time I saw her it was love at first sight but she nipped my hand just to tell me to be careful. You could tell some people had been very mean to her.

    Nothing gives me more pleasure that seeing the turn around she has made over the last several years. She gained 6 pounds and screams for every human to come and give her undivided attention.

    I think God send her to me because he knew I was going to need something/someone in my life as it got more and more isolated.

    I hope your new little bundle of joy gives you much pleasure. I do recommend taking her to an obedience class, especially since you have never had a dog. If you dont train them they can be a handful and you do need to be the leader not the follower.

  7. Mary100

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    i think girls make the best indoor dogs

    i like pound puppies that are old enough to be trained.

    when they are so tiny, be prepared to clean up alot after then.

    good luck, they are addicting in a good way.

    my puppy will be 3 in december.
  8. Toga

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    Dalmamtians since 1972. Now our dogs are bigger then a Shih Tzu, but I've gotten to know lots of other "dog people." So I consider myself kind of an expert, so to speak.

    Females and Males both make excellent pets. In our breed, the boys' bodies get large before their brains catch up so early training is recommended. That shouldn't be too much of problem with little dogs. They stay manageable into adulthood because they are smaller.

    But training is essential in all breeds. If you can, go to some Puppy Socialization Classes. They are wonderful. They teach you how to teach the puppy and they help so much with temperament and personality.

    I grew up with only girl dogs and thought that's all I ever wanted. Well our first two Dals were girls, or should I say "Ladies" in every way. We finished a Championship on the second girl and she then had a litter. We kept a boy.

    He sold me on boy dogs. He was a clown all his life and made all of laugh at least once a day. That is when I became convinced that both sexes make wonderful pets. (Our show dogs were always our pets first and show dogs second.)

    Over the years we always kept the puppy in the litter that had the best chance of finishing that Championship and working well into our breeding program, lots of girls and lots of boys. They were all wonderful.

    So my recommendation is get the one you like best be it girl or boy. Spay or Neuter whichever and prepare yourself for a lifetime of love, laughter, and loyality.

  9. cjcookie

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    one to get. The only boy is adorable. Little dark tips on his ears and really pretty colors. However, one little girl always runs to me.

    Glad to hear so much favorable news about dogs. I'm a little scared because I've never had one but I have plenty of time on my hands. Maybe I can teach him to play cards with me!
  10. Francey54

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    Dear cjcookie:

    Having a pet is the most wonderful thing you can do for yourself. Puppies can be a handful, you have to be very patient with them and never ever hit them. Discipline is important but it should be done with love.

    You say your son will decide which puppy to buy. I have news for you, your girl puppy already PICKED YOU. Thats right, pets pick us, we don't pick them.

    I have two little girls. One Pomeranian mix and one Maltese mix. My husband and I found them both on the streets of St. Thomas. The Pom mix was about 4 weeks old and was trembling on a street corner frigthened to death. She is a little pistol and I adore her. The other, the Maltese mix is so beautiful. She was running the streets also, was so filthy and was pregnant when we took her in. She was so malnourished that she gave birth to a litter of 7 pups and they all died one by one. It was so so sad. We couldn't do anything to save them becuase they were just too tiny and malnourished.

    These two little ones are the love of me and my husbands life. When I am too sick to get out of bed, they both jump into bed with me and stay all day. The Pom is a kisser and the Maltese is a snuggler.

    Good luck with your new baby. Let us now how she comes along as she grows.