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    I'm sitting here, feeling really bad. I feel so crappy at work every day - sometimes I feel myself almost falling asleep as I'm typing in my office - this sort of strange feeling comes over me and it's as if I'm in a dream-world. I don't actually fall asleep, but just feel "out of it". I don't know what it is. I don't see my doctor until next week and he sending me for blood work before the visit. Every day it's the same. First it was my hands, now it's this horrible fatigue. I wish there was just one doctor we could see who could deal with everything. I'm sorry I'm writing like this, I just feel so bad and discouraged again. Oh well......

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    You can vent all you want, sometimes it does make us feel better.

    I know how you must feel working with these illnesses. I so admire all of you that can hold down a job. It simply amazes me that you can.

    As for that miserable fatigue, well I don't have an answer, I wish I did.

    YOu take care,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I understand what you are feeling. I feel the same way at work all too often - just "dazed", in a "fog", and like I could just lay my head on the desk and fall to sleep. I have to stay away from coffee, just doesn't do it anymore. Water seems to help me, and I keep plenty of it in bottles to drink.

    Is there any way that you could go to just one physician, like a family practice doc or internal medicine doc? It seems like we get parceled out to different specialties and no one see us like a "whole person" anymore. Just a thought.

    I think we need more "Madwolf"s (pleural) in our areas. . he seems to be on top of most things.

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    and that is all you can ask of yourself. I remember those feelings- waves of extreme fatigue when I was trying to function at work. It is a very discouraging situation and difficult to describe to others. I admire you for hanging in there like you have been doing. Take care and try to get as much rest as you can - (which is tough when you are trying to hold down a job!)
    Best Wishes,