I'm going to be interviewed tommorrow for TV!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, Jul 28, 2003.

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    OK guys! This is it! One more day until the BIG DAY!!! For those of you who do not know, I am going to be interviewed ON CAMERA for my local news! It will be covered by the biggest health newscast in my city (Syracuse, NY)!! I have pages and pages of notes about all kinds of info. I also have everything down that you all recommended a couple of weeks ago. So, here's our last chance! I'm doing this for all of us!!! Anybody have anything else that they would like to add?

    Basically, I will first thank them for giving me the opportunity to share with them. Then I will discuss the fact that I am a FMS/CFS & Chronic Pain sufferer. I will the go into a summary of what they are. Then I will talk about the lack of awareness, how its hard to find good docs who will LISTEN and HELP, how it impares your life and relationships, finances, etc, how most people cannot receive Disability benefits. I will the talk about the need for doctors to be educated about the NEED for proper pain management treatments. The fear of dispensing opiods, but how a patient MUST have adequate pain relief. Better than acetomeniphen or Ibuprofen (health risks). And I could go on and on. I wish It was and hour special! It will probably be a 5 minute slot. But hey, that's better than nothing! I will also give them this site as well as some other helpful ones that they could post on the screen.

    I am so excited! Well, gotta run. Gotta go get a haircut so I don't look like a raggamuffin tommorrow! W/B!!!!!

    Lots of Love to all of my Fibro-Friends!
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    I am excited for you.Thankyou for doing this for all of us.Glad you are doing better and off to take action again.
  3. babyjoan

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    Dear Kathryn

    How exciting for all of us to have a voice in the media through you! Just stand strong and you already have enough info. to start a book! Let em have it right between the eyes. The more we speak up will hopefully cause someone to do more extensive studies to try to help us. Your very brave. I thank you for your voice. Peace

  4. tandy

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    like I said before..I know you'll do great!!!Sounds like you have everything covered that I can think of~ Your right,5 minutes is the Bom! Will this be live??or taped and aired at a later time?? I wanna know because I can get some syracuse channels so i'll be looking...I need to know when& a time~ I really wanna see this!! Think about it....how often do you get to hear about our illneses on TV??! I still encounter people all the time that has never even heard of fibromyalgia or CF~ Whats that??I hear it all the time~ This needs to change,don't ya think?
  5. Suzan

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    You may find a way to mention that so far the only drug that is recommended for Fibromyalgia is Ultracet. That was announced on June 12th of this year.
  6. kmelodyg

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    Really? They said that the official drug to treat FMS is Ultram/Ultracet? What a crock! What happens when you are like me, and you've already taken that for the past 4 years, and its useless now? That is not a very strong pain killer. And it should be listed as an opiod in my opinion. But lets not tell the docs that, they night change their minds!!! It is stronger than Darvocet!! I am glad that they said that that should be given to Fibro patients, because for some, it could help them control their pain ! It used to help me alot in the early days of endometriosis pain!

    I will not know when it will be aired until tommorrow. I will post here immediatly after the interview. They will probably have to do some editing. The interview is at 2:00 (so say some prayers at 2:00 PM EST!!), and I don't think it will make it to the 6:00 news!

    It will be shown on WIXT Channel 9 News Healthcast with Carrie Lazurus in Syracuse, NY. Usually after a story is aired, they post web sites to go to that talk about the covered topic. I will highly recommend this site. It is where I get 80% of my info and 99% of support!!! You can do a search and look up that info I just wrote, and it will bring you to WIXT's site. Mabye I can work something out and put it on a couple VHS tapes and we could circulate it like "I Remember Me"! Just an idea.

    I am not sure what web site that I am going to use as a Chronic Pain site. Fighting against the discrimination of patients who need adequate pain management is a HUGE issue with me. Before I even knew that I had FMS, I had uncontrollable Chronic Pelvic and Back pain. Then it just traveled everywhere, all over my body! So I had to be very assertive to many doctors on being given the proper pain meds. I did way too much suffering for way too long. And I know that, statistics say, 50 MILLION AMERICANS SUFFER WITH DAILY PAIN!!!!!! And the majority go un-treated or very under-treated. That needs to stop!!! What the hell are we paying these doctors for! To make us feel like nut-cases and drug addicts? Plllleeeeeaassse!!

    Well, I better stop before I really get mad! I have gotten so much info and reseach on these topics. I think I could debate anyone who wanted to disagree with me!!!! (I should have been a lawyer!! JUST KIDDING!!)

    Alright, so if anyone has anything else to add, please share! I will check this from time to time tonight and in the morning! Thanks again for the support!!!!

    Lots of love,

    EZBRUZR New Member

    How's the Hair? You go girl! Create some noise! It's great you've accomplished all of this for all of us! And heck,even only one minute of TRUTH about FMS/CFIDS is far more than most *normals* know now! {{{{{{HUGOLUCK}}}}}}! Peace,lisa
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    Break a leg, LOL. I hope all goes well. dolsgirl
  9. Jen F

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    I am so excited for you and for us!!!!

    I hope you have the energy to do your hair and stuff. If you can't, you can't, but if you can...may help to get the point across that even tho we might LOOK okay, we are suffering!!

    I wish I got that channel, but I don't think I do here in Toronto.

    Would LOVE to see you.

    Good luck to you and I hope you don't get too nervous!!!!!

    let us know all about it when you can!!!!!

    Hope they don't edit the crap out of it, sometimes I see 20 minute type interviews reduced to a total of 30 seconds...

    Yeee hah!!
    Good for you.

    Any chance you think it would be a good idea to comment on the inadequacy of many doctors? or inadequacy of teaching about CFS and FM in medical schools??? Just a thought.
  10. kmelodyg

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    I am so suprised that I am not nervous yet! I did alot of physical stuff today. Ran some errands and got my hair cut (looking real cute!!!), did some laundry. I don't know how I ever got the energy to do those things!! But everything's all set. I am feeling pretty confident. I know I am going to get some "butterflies", but at least I am on Paxil now so I won't have an anxiety attack, like I would have in the past!! God bless antidepressants!!! I am kind of mad at myself for busting my butt like I did today though. That will probably cause me alot of pain tommorrow. But oh well! It won't last long, and I can go right back to bed afterwards. But not before I write you guys and tell you how it went!! I promise that I will not forget!!! I cannot thank you all enough for all the faith, support, and love that you have shown me. Thanks again!!

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    Please take this the right way,but, maybe it is just as well that you pushed yourself today...will prove our point about how a little normal living taxes our whole system.
    I know you won't have much time, but if you can squeeze the fact that many of us go on to have other major diseases like MS and Lupus because these illnesses make us vulnerable to them, it could be good for us because MS and Lupus has had so much public attention in the last few years. Just a suggestion. May God bless you for your efforts Katherine! We will all be with you, if you get even slightly panicked just take a deep breath and I know you will feel us right there with you! love, Rebel
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    Hi Kathryn,

    I'm in the Watertown, NY area and would really like to catch this. Please let us know when it will be airing.

    Take a deep breath,,,,you'll do great. Do you by the way have a "good" doc in the Syracuse area? I'm still searching. Tulip
  13. MissRachel

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    I am so excited for you. I'm confident you will be fabulous! I can't wait for you to give use the goods and how it went.

    I'll be thinking of of and will send you some extra energy!

  14. little

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    I wish you luck on your interview. I grew up in Syracuse and Baldwinsville. It was nice to hear from someone from back home. I will be waiting to hear about your interview. Where do you live in Syracuse? My youngest daughter lives in Baldwinsville and my mother lives in East Syracuse. I used to go to a pain group that meets once a month at the Liverpool Library. Thats where I realized that I might have Fibro. I will be thing about you, Good Luck. Gail
  15. tandy

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    Times tickin!! Hey,great for me cause I get that channel....i'm very familiar with Carrie lazarus! I got it...just need to know when it'll be aired!! keep us all posted!!and the idea of making a tape and passing it around is great! I'll pick up a blank tape this afternoon~
    we're rootin for ya girl!! :)
  16. kmelodyg

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    OH BOY! Here it is! The big day! I am 2 1/2 hours away!! I am a little nervous. But a GOOD nervous. Kind of like when it's your birthday or Christmas or something! I just need to shorten and re-write my summaries. Fibrobel, that was a very good point. I feel like it is very possible that I could develop MS because I have all of the symptoms and my mother has it. YIKES!! And no, I haven't found a good FMS doc in Syracuse. VERY SLIM PICKINS'!!!! Alright, this is my last post before I have the interview. I will write as soon as they leave!!! Remember, lots of prayers at 2:00 PM EST!!!!! Thanks, all of you wonderful fibro-friends!!!! I'm doing this for all of us!!

    Lots of love,
  17. Patti2

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    It seems as tho there are so many of us out here maybe we will be the majority some day. Just get this DD out in the open and we are not crazy and it isn't in our heads, or make believe.
    Thanks for representing all of us,
  18. dd

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    and I'm praying for you. This is so exciting for you and for all of us.

    Good going and I can't wait to hear what happened.

  19. sandy10seven

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    You've created this great opportunity to educate a lot of people on these DD's. I'm really impressed! Best wishes.
  20. lassiecass

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    Hi Kathryn,
    I just returned from Cal., I was house and dog sitting for my Aunt. Tri-level house and I thought I would be crippled by the stairs I had to climb over and over. I am still standing though and came to our site and saw your post. I sure hope the big interview went well, sorry I was not here to wish you luck before you went. Let us know how things turned out. How is the haircut?
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)