I'm going to see my first psychiastrist tomorrow

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    Ok, I'm ready to see my first psychiastrist tomorrow in the rushed schedule that it is. I understand what is wrong with me, what I have, and the howabouts how I got it-the whole nine yards, now I don't know how I can present this to the psychiatrist so she can help me with it. I've had my situation for so many years and going day-to-day with it just makes so much sense. I know that they are the professionals and they are supposed to be the ones to relay back to me but I just don't know how to go about the meeting with her so we can make some solid grounds to work from. I already know what is going on, I just need her to help me with it. I have been misdiagnosed for a couple years now and it makes the situation as a whole frustrating. If you could please give me some insight so I can help her see what is going on with me, I'd appreciate it so much.

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    you are interviewing them as much as they are you. Relax, see how you like them and respond accordingly. Remember this is your health care and you are there to decide if you want this person on your Health Care Team. You don't need to be intimadated and remember they do this for a living , they know you are nervous and scared if you weren't you probably wouldn't be in their office. Much luck and good thoughts coming your way. My psychaitrist has been my greatest advocate throughout these past 7 years
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    It has taken me through the grieving process that we all go through when we get sick, it has helped me with practical things I can do to make my life better, and it has helped tremendously with anxiety.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm hoping we focus on my anxiety and attention deficit which hopefully will at least ease my FMS if not eliminate it. My feeling is that the primal "fight or flight response" which is related to anxiety, affects our sleep which then causes our pain and other problems. This is complicated by the ADD, which is also associated with the blood flow in the frontal lobes. Your brain has problems filtering out stimuli that activate the "fof" response. This is the short form of what I believe. At $300/hr I'm hoping he catches on before I have to go to the long form.