I'm Going To the BAHAMAS!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shan1078, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    My husband just surprised me last night!! He has made plans for us to go to Atlantis, in the Bahamas!!

    He's already got the flight tickets and hotel resv's. He is so-ooo sweet. He left the tickets out and everything so that I would see them last night!! We're leaving on March 15th and coming back on the 19th.

    The only catch is that we're taking my teenage stepdaughter (15yrs. old) and 2 of her friends. So, hopefully their old enough now to kinda do their own thing! Oh, and we're all staying in the same room!! That's kinda overwhelming, but I'm still excited. The rm. has 2 full beds, so they'll have to squish into 1 of them.

    So, I'm am on a full-out CRASH DIET!! Anyone have any suggestions on loosing weight farley quickly?

  2. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    You are sooooo lucky...hey...got any room in your suitcase for me???? Enjoy yourself you deserve it. Have Fun
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  3. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member


    If I could bring all of you I would!!

    We all deserve a nice trip to somewhere exotic!!
  4. kbak

    kbak Member

    AHHHHHHHH!! Your so lucky. Great time of yr. to go. Someone can drop me on a tropical island anytime.

    Have the very best time!!

  5. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Sounds so fun! You will have to tell us all about it when you get back! Maybe next time just you and hubby can go, haha!

    Have Fun!
  6. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    I was thinking the exact same thing!! But, I wouldn't dare eeke a word of that!! I told his daughter about the great teen-night club (17&under), and the great shopping, so I think they'll keep themselves pretty busy!!

    I sometimes feel guilty that alot of people on this board are struggling to make ends meet, on top of their illnesses.
    My husband and I aren't rich, but he does own a nice business. But, on the other hand, that means I have NO insurance. He doesn't provide it to his employees, instead they make more on their paycheck.

    I will let EVERYONE know how it goes!
  7. JLH

    JLH New Member

    How great!!!!! Oh, how I would love to go to the Bahamas!!! My parents went ages ago and could not get over the crystal clear water!!! They brought back soooooo many pictures!!!

    I hope you all have a good time. You should take lots of photos of the girls doing "dumb" stuff -- then if they act up, you can bribe them with showing all their boyfriends the dumb pictures!! LOL

    I'm sure they'll act just like teenage girls, but you all will have a GREAT time!!!

    What's the temp in the Bahamas in March? Hopefully, in the 80's!!!!

    Don't forget your sunscreen!

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