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    really rough week. I can really see now, that my job is affecting my body, which is unfortunate because I NEED it. It's a very busy week at work this week. I busted my hump Monday to get caught up before I left for my appointment and was miserable Monday night (as well as being totally PO'd) Had more pain than "normal" (whatever that is) yesterday, was busy as h**l all day, and took an extra dose of pain meds to get through, and last night I practically fell into bed with sleep meds fairly early. But I woke up 4 different times from hurting so much and finally gave it up at around 4:30 and got up. It's 7:45 here now and I've already had 2 doses of Soma and Lortab, the first one @ 4:30, the second one just now. It seems like my bad days are getting worse, if that makes any sense. This is a scary thing. I really thought the stronger pain meds my doc gave me a couple months ago would be the solution. I guess there's no point to this post except to vent......so pass the cheese, I need it to go with my whine.
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    I am very sorry to hear about your pain. What type of work do you do?

    It sounds like you are do stressed out that you are twisting yourself into a very tight knot. If I might be so bold to suggest, because I was once were you are now, take a pain killer as soon as you get into work and then at 1:00. Keep on a schedule and don't wait until the pain comes to take you pain meds. Now at night you have a problem Lortab will keep you awake so you should take you last pain med about 6 - 7:00 and then take your sleep meds 1/2 hour before you go to bed. In that 1/2 hour try to find a quite place to clear your head, maybe with some soft music so you can relax and unwind from the days stress. If something is really bothering you write it down and tell yourself you will do it tomorrow.

    You may be waking up because of the stree and not the pain. It was like that for me. I hurt when I work up, but I was waking up because of stress, nightmares about work, stuff I had to do etc.

    You need to find ways to relax only then can you start to find ways to control your pain.

    Blessed Be my friend
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    I've been doing almost exactly as you suggested, but I've had a few days in the past couple weeks where I had to take a Lortab a couple hours after the first one, and this morning was one of those days. And I try to not take them at night, because they will interfere with my sleep. I honestly don't think it was stress that was waking me last night, it was pain. I fell asleep earlier than usual and about 4 hours later kept waking up and hurting. The whole reason I finally got up was to take something for the pain, and I spent at least 20 minutes in the shower trying to take some of it away.
    Anyway, thanks for the thoughts, and here's to a better night tonight!

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    Now there is Lortab and then there is LORTAB. There are many levels of Lortab and it looks like you are not on the right level. Time to call the doctor and tell him that you are still in pain and you need stronger pain killers.

    Have you had any physical Therapy? I am doing pool therapy and it is really helping my pain. I am just walking and moving around.

    You also might ask the Doc if he knows of any pain killers you can take at night that are really strong and will help you sleep and then you can take the lortabs during the day. You might want to try that also.

    I am not going to say I know how you feel, because I am not you but I do know pain and I know it is scary and I know it feels like you will never be out of pain again.

    I know I found my way out of pain with a cocktail of pills, 2 for pain, 2 for depresseion and 1 for sleep, Physical Therapy (water, furry (3 cats,2 dogs), streching (light) and a supportive husband (most of the time).

    You can do it to.

    Blessed Be my friend[This Message was Edited on 01/22/2003]