I'm having an awful time.... PART 2 LONG

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CanBrit, May 22, 2008.

  1. CanBrit

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    Hi Fellow Sufferers:

    After the BS of my supervisor not believing in my condition, my Dr. has written a letter to work that states he wants me to do telework, which would mean I work from home for 3 days a week and can come into the office for 2 days(as long as those days on not consecutive).

    Well our department manager said that there's no way they could provide me with telework. I work for the Govt as a programmer analyst and I know bloody well that I can work at home just as easily as I can at work. I've done it in the past.

    We have one contractor at work, who works from home every Friday (but that's because she's her friend). Another employee worked from home for a year after having a baby. Our tech support people also can work from home.

    I think what's happening, is our department is running out of work and it would mean they have to divert a lot of it to me, leaving the other employees and contractors without much to do. Well tough!

    Believe it or not, they prefer that you come into work and stare at the walls....just as long as you're physically there.

    They've agreed to put me in a office that's in a better location so I can take transportation to work instead of driving I live an hour away and have to drive every day. Not what my Dr. has asked for. He's getting rather ticked off as he has other patients who do telework for the government.

    They don't get that while I also have a shoulder injury that makes it difficult to drive, just the effort of an extra 3 hours a day to get ready and drive to and from work five days a week is killing me.

    My husband and I sent a letter to our Prime Minister's office regarding all this, and they actually responded and sent my concerns to the head of the Public Service Employee's Department asking that it be looked into quickly.

    Our local MP is also involved as is the MP for the Department of Defence, who I work for. I'll be darned if they're going to get away with this crap. I have physical limitations, not mental ones, and I can still do my job if they will just accommodate a small change.

    I'm not giving up and will fight this until I win. If I can't get every head of the government involved, then I will ask my lawyer (who's looking after the injury I received in February) to step in along with the Human Rights Commission.

    I just hope my strength can hold up long enough.

    Wish me luck....I need it.


  2. tonia1990

    tonia1990 New Member

    Im sorry you have to go thru this and i pray that you'll win your fight.
  3. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I just keep thinking that if I don't fight this now, someone else with a disability is going to get treated badly as well.

  4. poets

    poets Member

    I wish you all the luck in the world. Keep on keepin' on. I admire you for standing up to these people.

  5. gapsych

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    Gosh, this is really awful for you.

    I just realized you are not in the United States. Here there is something called American's With Disability Act,

    If you are disabled your employer has to make "reasonable" accomodations for your disability. Unfortunately, that is where the law gets murky as to what is reasonable.

    I do not know if you have something like this.

    But whatever, hang in there. You are brave about this and that is hard when you are not feeling well.

    Keep us posted as to what happens.

    I wish the best for you. I really do.

    Take extra good care of yourself during this. I am sure you already know this, my mom side just came out!!

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  6. CanBrit

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    Hi All:

    Again, thanks for you well wishes.

    They've found an office space for me downtown, so I'm moving over there next Monday. At least I can take the bus there but it's still not going to cut it.

    I had to take another day off today. It seems like I can suffer through 3 days of work and then BANG. I hit the wall. This morning, I can't walk on my right leg. It feels like the shin bone is broken, but I know it's the muscle running along side it that's hurting.

    I tried my extra strength pills, but even with them and a cane, I can't walk and definitely should not be driving. If they'd set me up with telework, then I could be working at home right now. This is driving me crazy.

    I found out that our department head won't set me up with telework because she did it before for someone else and it didn't work. I guess that person, messed around and didn't do the work at home.

    Well that person isn't me and I don't do things like that. I've been a responsible person all my life and I resent being painted with the same brush. One way or another, that lady is going to have to come around and do what my Dr. has asked. I am going to fight this until the bitter end.

    You know, when I retire, I can see that a good hobby for me would be to work for an organization who helps the disabled. I'll be darned if people are going to continue to treat disabled people as second class citizens.

    All the best,


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