I'm home, I'm home and still alive :) Did you miss me?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. ckball

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    Finally after 10 days, 1400 miles, I am proud of my self, I did well. Just the second day after having the teeth pulled, I slept until 10, then slept on the couch the reest of the day.

    I am pretty wiped now that I had sit down, but I did far more than I thought I could do.

    Taking 2 ususally unresrtained dogs to a place that you are on a chain to take care of business, My dog don't do it our yard, they go across the road into the woods, So it was an issue about barking to. I was staying at my daughters house which have more laws about dogs than I could imagine.

    My doggies are outside and so glad to be home

    Ok I just nodded off, really, I guess now I'm home I'm more tired than I thougt, I'll be back -Carla
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  2. baanders

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    I'm sorry you're going through a rough spell. I pray and hope that you will have a better day. You've been through a lot of stress.

    Don't worry about what the neighbors think about the dogs. Have you tried earplugs to block out the noise?

  3. 69mach1

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    good night to you as well

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hope you soon feel better. Maybe you can do some of your glass work pretty soon.
  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks Georgia- how is the yarn spinning going?

    Fight-thank you-I hope your handling the no smoking well

    Baanders- I appreciate your prayers- It wasn't my neighbors it was my daughter's neighbors. And she has to live next to them after I left.

    Prickles- Thanks- how is Germany

    Jodie- thank you- how are you are you studies going? That the last post I read you were very tired. I hope your feeling better.

    Linda- you are so sweet, I am glad I help I brighten your day- I hope the pain specialist can give you some relief.

    Rock- I filled the back of my jeep will gorgeous stained glass from 2 places I stopped at on my way home. Now I have to unload it all and see what I can do with it.

    Wow- I was really out of it last night, I didn't even understand my post this morning. So I went back and made some corrections.

    I feel better today than I thought I would, I am tired but not too tired to get out of bed. I really want to unload my jeep.

    The first glass factory closed at 4pm on Sun, I tried to leave by 10 am but it was 11 before I got out of town, then a accident on the highway, so I got there at 3, the lady was so nice and stayed until 4:30 for me since she knew I was out of town.

    So I went threw the glass and said I want this, this and oh that too. I have no idea what I have,lol It will be great to what I brought home. I can't wait to get get started.

    It has given me new life and something to look forward too.

    The second factory was just as hurried. Because I was going to visit my half sister on my way home and wanted to get home by dark.

    Five minutes after I checked out of my hotel on the way to the second factory my IBS kicked in and I had to spend 30 minutes in a rinky dink gas station that didn't have a public restroom. But the nice lady took pity on me.

    Then when I got to the factory 10 minutes later, I spent another 20 minutes or so in the bathroom at the office of factory. Small office two nice lady's but a bit embarrassing to smell up their small office.

    Then back to picking glass and down the road I went. I had a great visit with my half sister. She was 16 when I was born and practically raised me for the first years of my life. We had lost contact at different times over the years but now she lives 2 hours away, so I hope that changes.

    My dentures-well I commend everyone who has them. I need to go tomorrow to get another adjustment, the do not fit right and look bucked tooth, sorta like a monkey mouths,lol. I know I have to be patient, not one of my better qualities.

    They are beautiful and really changed my appearance, I will be glad I did it when they start fitting better.

    Sorry to ramble on, now I am going to try to catch up some then get my glass out.

    I really did miss this board and it is good to be back-Carla
  6. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Welcome back! I am glad all worked out well for you.

  7. sdown

    sdown New Member

    Glad to hear your safely back home. Nothing beats home. Get some rest. Im thinking of getting a dog. My 12 yr old son would love one and so would I. Take care.
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ---such a brave little soldier!! So happy you are back
    and despite the discomfort for now I know you are going
    to feel better and be doing some wonderful things now
    that all the anxiety is past! Put up some more of your
    art work when you feel up to it,"K"?

  9. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Welcome back to the board! :)

  10. srollins

    srollins New Member

    and good for you. that was a huge undertaking for a well person. you should be proud.
    yes once all the healing and adjusting is done you are going to be so pleased and relieved.

    take care and don't over do things.