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    My youngest daughter had a beautiful baby boy, Scott Edward Jr. She was in labor for 52 hours. Then the doctors deceided to do a c-section. Two days later she gets a blood infection. They said that it was E-coli. She and her baby had to spend seven days in the hospital. They both are doing fine now. She is 34 and this is her first and last baby. I got home last wednesday. I was to tired to check in. I am still tired and I hurt all over. I can't sleep, I'm in a fog. I drove back by my self. It took me 13 hours. I stop half way and took a two hour nap. (NY -NC) I drove up and it took 14 in a half hours. I followed my oldest daughter. When we got in, I was standing in my daughters home. I felt like I was standing on a massager I kept shaking. I took a valium and went to bed. I felt ok the next day. It took me about a week to rest up. I was there for five weeks. I didn't have all the aches and pains that I do at home. I felt pretty good. I slept from about nine pm to four am. I would go to the bath room and then go back to sleep until about 6:30am. I felt really good there. I slept on the sofa. I fell asleep on my right side and woke up the same way. I never tossed and turned all night like I do at home.I really felt good all the time. Now that I am at home I feel awful. I hurt all the time. I haven't had one good night sleep. It is hard to get around. When I go to bed at night I toss and turn all night because I am in such pain. I'll have to figure out what the difference is in the two places.I'm glad to be back. Gail UP-DATE on the eye problems that I was having back in March. I went to the doctors while I was in NY. She said that my eyes are very healthy. My reading glasses are five years old and didn't have to be changed. My driving glasses had to be change very slightly. She said the blurred vision could be FM and the eyes draining could be allergies. Since I have been back my eyes are watering. It is thick sticky stuff. I'm gald that it was anything serious.
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    on your new grandbaby! Sure sounds like quite an ordeal, and I'm glad everyone is OK. Warm regards,