I'm hoping someone can give input on ultrasound

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    I've been getting Physical therapy since March.....exercise machines and neck traction. Last week it was evaluation time again and I mentioned for the umpteenth time that I felt my shoulder blade muscle pain affected the pain in my neck. So I was given a 6 min. application of ultrasound. Not knowing what to expect I was very surprised. I kept waiting for the shoulder pain to return, and was very happy that this period of no pain lasted almost 7 days. Miraculous is the word for me. I might also say I've had the Tens machine used on my back from a chiropractor and it did nothing for the pain.

    I mentioned this to a friend who told me that you can now purchase individual ultrasound machines for home use. Reading up on this I see it can be used for trigger points, FM, and all types of muscle pain. I see the PT again tomorrow and I'm going to ask his opinion about buying one of these.

    Anybody out there have good results from ultrasound received from a doctor or PT?