Im in desperate need of help and prayer . please help me.

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by luvumore, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. luvumore

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    My dearest friends.
    I suffer from depression and have 4 kids to raise, my father died last year from bile duct cancer and this year my mother is suffering terribly from esophageal cancer. I am very overwhelmed. I pray but God must be too busy with everyone that needs healing. please if you can help me to pray to him that my mother get better or at least not suffer. I need strength right now to take care of everyone. a lot of people depend on me. I dont ask anything for myself except for the peace of mind that i will be strong to deal with all my problems right now.
    Thank you all and God bless .
  2. s-rose

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    Your story sounds much like mine. I have lost my Dad and 2 brothers in 2 yrs time. My husband is very sick, he only has 35% of his heart.

    I have always been there for everyone and been strong enough to deal with the sorrows of life. Now I am sick and don't have the energy sometimes and it's hard but you will get through it.

    There is a song that goes ( Because He lives I can face tomorrow) Tell your self that everyday.

    I will say a special prayer for your mother and that the Lord gives you the strength to accept his will whatever it may be.

    Love and Prayers,
    Susie Rose
  3. LynneH

    LynneH New Member

    Oh sweetie, God is not too busy. Sometimes healing is not meant to be. Everything is in God's time. If she is not to get better, we can pray for an easy transition and strength for you.

    Sometimes when things look the bleakest, the dawn shines the brightest.

    I hope you are getting help for your depression. That's why there are doctors and antidepressants. You shouldn't have to suffer.

    Take care.
    Love, Lynne
  4. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Welcome to the worship board. I`m so sorry to hear about your parents. My own father died of colon cancer 5 years ago so I understand how heartbreaking it is. To have to go through it again with your mom is just unbearable, I`m sure.

    Praying that your mom can be healed and recover from her cancer. Also asking God to lift your depression. You`ve got so much on your plate.

    God bless,
  5. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    I cried when i read your responses to my post.
    It is so comforting to know that there are people like you out there who really care.I can feel your caring comes straight from the heart and from true compassion.
    Dixie you are right, I am very ultruistic, and before you mentioned my username i never made that connection.I guess subconciously i picked a user name that went with my personality. You picked up on that quite nicely. I've been sort of a parent to my parents it seems as early as 4 years old. we came to canada from switzerland and as a child learned the language very quickly. always been an interpretor for them as they never really learned the english language, well enough to get by but not very well. As the rest of our extended family were in europe' I was always very close to my parents as they were all i had and i was all they had . I also have a brother but he lives in Europe now . he married at 18 and really has not been around since then. So it was always my parents and I.
    I married at 26 years of age to a man that i thought was one way but turned out to be another way. To put it simply he drinks too much and not sure if hes,s an alchoholic. He works, tries his best but we r very distant from eachother.
    He.s great when not drinking but turns mean when he drinks so i have distanced myself emotionally from him. The children sense this and it breaks my heart but that is how i cope with him.
    I have 4 beautiful kids. gorgeous, smart and have never given me any problems. The oldest is 15 boy,13 boy,11girl and 9 boy.
    3 boys and 1 girl. They are the only reason i get up in the morning. I am 41 years old and if it wasn't for them Id have no reason to be alive anymore. I've always stayed home with them.They have never ever had a babysitter. I breast fed them all for about 10 months each. I've always done everything on my own, my husband wasnt really a hands on dad.
    When my Dad died last year I was destroyed,on top of that i feel so guilty because at 75 years of age the doctors performed a whipples operation on him and didnt tell us all of the risks involved .I had no experience with cancer so we agreed to have him get operated on only to find out later fom some caring nurses that told me my dad should have never had this surgery due to his age and his weakened state. But i trusted the Doctors and my dad died after spending 2 weeks in ICU. His Doctor told us that if he had the operation he could live 5 years and if he didnt he would only have 3 months. So we agreed on the operation. If i knew what i know now I would not have had my Dad endure all of his suffering only to have him die. I would have kept him with me till the Good lord saw fit. Now i think if he hadnt gone through the operation he might still be here with us. Sick but still with us taking good care of him.
    My mom now has esophageal cancer, she lives in her own house but i see her everyday, shes not ready to leave her home and come live with me so i dont push her to do so yet.
    I have tried diff meds for depp but none really work too well and been diagnosed with fibro too. So as u can see I have alot on my plate.

    I apologize for rambling on but i thought I'd give you a bit of background. I hope I qualify for the prayer help cause boy i sure need it.
    Thanks again for your heartfelt responses and please keep praying as i will for all of you too.
    God bless and Thanks
  6. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Sandy thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate the support and prayers. I'm so very sorry about your Daddy. Only somone who has lost a parent can really understand the ache in our hearts.
    God bless and thank you again
  7. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    fox thank you so much for your prayers. God bless YOU
  8. MusicTeacher

    MusicTeacher New Member

    Dear Luvumore

    How sad I am for you in the situation in which you find yourself. I want to endorse what all the others have said to you - I cannot better it.

    I just want to encourage you to know God's love for YOU. You want so much for everyone but, as others have said, God's healing is his way, not always ours.

    What I am absolutely sure is that God wants you to know that he loves you for who you are, where you are. Take his hand and trust in him even though it may be hard to do. He knows everything about you and has you in his care - lean on him and receive his comfort.

    I shall pray on for you.

    Blessings and God's love
    Music Teacher

  9. marta

    marta New Member

    Sometimes our fears and anxieties are so loud in our ears we can't hear the soft, gentle voice of God. I pray that your mind may quiet down, that you feel peace and that God's voice comes through to you clearly at this very hard time in your life.

    Listen.....I think I heard it in these messages to you.....

    Many hugs,

  10. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Marta you r right i need to listen harder . I did see and hear God in your beautiful words. Thank you soooooooo much.
  11. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Music thank you for your encouragement and reasurance. You can't know how much they mean to me right now. God bless
  12. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Thank you so much for the support and prayers. In these hard trying times it is a blessing to meet such caring souls as yours. God bless you all
  13. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Dixie,As all you wonderful people answered my post you helped me to realize that maybe God is listening to me because he led me to this board filled with the most loving and gentle souls I,ve ever come across. Dixie thank you so very much for praying for me.For asking God to help me and my family. You,ve touched my heart and gave me a glimmer of hope, and for this I am truely greatful. I tend to remember the footprints in the sand poem. I hope God can carry me through this rough time until I am strong enough to walk this path again.
    I love you too Dixie. God bless you and all the other wonderful people in these boards. You are truely Angels.
  14. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Dixie you are a great comfort and inspiration. Thank you so much for being here to give so many of us your wisdom and your unconditional love. When I read your posts , to me or to others I get that real sense of caring and true conviction in your words. I don,t know what Gods plan is for me , but I hope whatever it is that it brings much hope and healing as you have brought to so many. Thanks again for being here when we need you, and trust that i pray for you and with you , and it is my priviledge to experience this journey with you and all the wonderful people on this board. Please don't forget me in your prayers as u will always be in mine.
    God blessxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. PrayerWarrior316

    PrayerWarrior316 New Member

    I'm so sorry that you are going through so much, I know how stressful it can be to see a loved one sick.

    God is never too busy to hear our prayers !! God cares for you and about you. The fact is that God cares more and is in contact with the suffering more than any of us could know or imagine. It is the very nature of God that causes God to care. God cannot do anything other than pour out His love for us, on us, and into our hearts. God never turns His back on anyone. God sent His only Son into the world because God cares about each of us. God's love and caring are infinite. It is because God's love and caring are infinite that He was willing to let His Son die upon the Cross.

    I will certainly be praying for your mother and for you also.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
  16. s-rose

    s-rose New Member

    Just a reminder that you are being remembered in prayer.
    The Lord will see you through.

    Will continue to remember your mom.

    Love and prayers,
    Susie Rose
  17. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    God bless you for giving me such hope. I will pray for you also Judy. There are so many beautiful people here. I,m glad I found You all. I hope as Dixie sais we will all meet up in heaven one day, that will be truely wonderful.
    God bless you and thank you so much for your wonderful reply. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    I love you for remembering me. Thank you sooooooo very much. I will continue to pray for all beautiful and wonderful things to come into your life. You don't know what it means to me to see that you were truely thinking about me. I think God does love me even though sometimes i have to be patient, after all he led me to all u wonderful glorious people.
    love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Gods bless
  19. s-rose

    s-rose New Member

    Sometimes we don't relize something as simple as this board can be a prayer answered.

    I believe He put us here to help each other.

    Love and prayers,
    Susie Rose
  20. luvumore

    luvumore New Member

    Hey Dixie,
    How r u? hope all is well. how is your husband ? I hope everything has settled down. I always love to see your post , it always puts a smile on my face. It always makes me feel like a big cozy blanket wrapped around my frightened anxious tired body. I do hope you are right and that we one day will meet in heaven, would,nt that be a hoot. My name is Danielle by the way, just so you wont miss me up there ok. lol
    and just so u recognize me I,m 5ft 5inch, dark hair dark eyes,I'll be holding a sighn with "Dixie" on it lol.
    My kids r doing fine thank you for asking. Everyones back in school and gettig back into the swing of things. They are great kids thank God ~!!!
    I,m off to bed but not before praying for you and everyone of you on the boards.
    love and God bless Dani xxxxxx