I'm in so much pain, I'm hearbroken

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Buzybee, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Buzybee

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    I know I haven't posted here for a while. But some of you may remember me asking for prayer for my cousins 8 year son who was fighting brain cancer. Just want to thank you all for those prayers.

    Unfortunately, it was God's will that he died today. My tears won't stop. I feel so bad for my cousin and his family. He was such a brave little boy. One of the last things he said to his mom and dad was, "I will be you're guardian angel when I'm in heaven".

    What a brave little boy Thomas was. How painful it is to see someone so young to pass on. my tears just won't stop, I can only imagine what my cousin is going through right now.

    God bless our little Thomas. Thank you all for your support you've given me all this time.
  2. Doznclan3

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    I'm so sorry! I know your pain, as I have a sister that has lost three children, two in one year. Encphalides..spelling? All three of them. She still has three sons, and now grandchildren. It's a very hard thing to watch family go through. I'm so so sorry. Prayers for you all...love, Cynthia
  3. Buzybee

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    Your responses really touched my heart. Thank you so much for being there all of you.
  4. springwater

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    Can only say that the hurt does lessen with time. And the knowledge that the little one is safe and free from pain now and in some wonderful place, will hasten your journey towards healing.

    God Bless