im in sooo much pain, can sleep , im miserable

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    Hi everyone sorry about this whine but i have nowhere else to turn, as its in the middle of the night here and hubby needs his rest so he can work. i have had a long painful summer without my usual break in the pain or at least it lets up some. I cant sleep due o the pain and my morphine does about as much good as drinking water anymore. I called my dr today in hopes I could up the dose a little to see if it would help and she said she migh be able to work me in to see her nex wed., but wha about the pain until then?? I hae complain but as I said im miserable, just hurt everywhere and very stiff also. we are also having damp, rainy weather righ now and that always makes things worse for me. i cant even imagine how i will get through winter if the pain is this bad now. thanks for letting me vent for a bit. God Bless each of you!
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    Vent all you want,I'm so with you on this one. This has been my worst summer and like you I'm wondering what the winter is going to be like.

    Don't you love docs "working you in". I had an injury and the hospital wanted me seen by 3 days after. even tho er doc called them-response from docs office, "sorry we don't have anything for 3 MONTHS"!

    Weather uggh. definetly has done a number on me. usually the day before storm is worst.

    hopefully you will get a break in weather. can you up meds til doc visit?
    take care

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    Gosh, don't ever be sorry about telling us how you feel. It is not whining!

    I can very much relate to how you feel. Seems like for no explainable reason I had been having a tolerable past couple of months or so. Still pain most days, but manageable on more days than I'm used to.
    This past couple of weeks have been horrible. I just broke down in tears, not tears, but a full blown cry. I am so tired, so tired of this pain, how it is effecting my life, how I can't sleep some nights, some days I can't stay awake. I need to work but am having a difficult time getting there. I needed to be in the office today and I literally feel like someone punched both of my upper arms over and over....not 'someone', but a big strong WWF champion. It's my whole body today and when it's this bad, I throw up. So now I don't know how much of my medication I threw up.

    "Toughing it out" isn't an option sometimes, but really when you think of it, it's what our lives are made of. I wish people could understand what horrible pain day in and day out is like and how tough we really are. We need to remember that also.

    TRY not to look too far in the future - winter etc. Just worry about today, getting through each day one at a time. I hope your Dr. will help you. It sounds like you have a good one who is compassionate. You can make it til next Wed! You've made it through many many terrible days. Hang on for a few more, okay?

    Pamper yourself as much as possible, rest whenever you can! Maybe find some good comedy movies to watch to take your mind off your pain for a couple of hours? A few good magazines of easy reading? Anything that makes YOU feel good.

    Take care,