I'm just now reading abt Linda Fullerton and the SSD Coalition Board.

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    I read that it was dismantled and her health was bad so I'm wandering if anyone has heard anything abt her since it's been so long. Is there another SSD board that has as much info and help as hers did.
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    Linda Fullerton is the greatest champion for SSD reform and helping claimants trying to get SSD. She is also a wonderful person as well. As her health and finances allowed, she would speak to politicans, get on radio and TV shows, and speak about SSD reform and how much the applicants were suffering from the SSD process. Linda kept trying to put herself out there for all of us involved in the SSD process. Many lawyers did not like her because she spoke the truth and sometimes they did not come out smelling so well and could have done better jobs themselves for their SSD claimant clients.

    Linda and the rest of Coalition Board all individually contacted Oprah to get Linda and the Coalition Board on the Oprah Show to bring the SSD problem and bring the faces of the claimants into the light and out in public for people to see and hear their stories--Oprah never had the courtesy to respond to any of us to thank us for contacting her or even to talk with Linda in private. We received a complete and loud silence from Oprah.

    We also contacted many other talk shows and the same loud silence. All the shows could talk about prostitutes and everything else, but could not speak to an issue that many of us or our loves ones may face in their lifetime--having to apply for SSD benefits and the battle it becomes.

    I know Linda was terminal and she telephoned me from time to time and we would talk, and mosty laugh so hard.

    The SSD Coalition Board was on MSN and closed when MSN closed all its boards many years ago. She started it up again on another service, but never went back to allowing people to post or even her posting.

    When I had my computer go, I lost all info on her and lost track of her. Linda Fullerton is a most incredible and inspiring person.
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    I wish I could've read her board. I don't understand why Oprah would never let people on to talk abt real health issues. She was such a let down to me the last few yrs of her show. I remember reading online somewhere that people were trying to get her to respond abt FM and thyroid issues too and she wouldn't. Just goes to show you that she didn't care as much about her audience as she let us believe. she cared abt getting the famous Dr's on there and that was it.

    I'm in the process now of getting the forms so I can start filling them out.I need all the help I can get.