I'm Karen and am new here but not to FMS/CFIDS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by only32, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. only32

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    My name is Karen and I live in Maine with my husband. I am currently out of work on medical leave and applying for SS.

    I used to be on the ivillage board but they changed boards and I lost touch with people there so hoping to find some new friends here.

    I am 32 and have had FMS & CFIDS for about 7 years now. Things have gotten rough in the past back in 1999 and I left work for a year and returned to a part time office and part time home position. I am now out of work and will not be returning due to health reasons.

    I am trying to live a life but the CFIDS symptoms are not making that any easier.

    I am having major problems at present with chronic urticaria (hives) and no cuase can be found. I am wondering if this is just another manifestation of the CFIDS? I have my allergist totally stumped as well, not a good feeling.

  2. billiegail

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    I just wanted to welcome you to the boards Karen.
    I have FM and I itch 24/7 and that just drives me nuts.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say God bless and have a wonderful day.
  3. babyblues68

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    There are some great knowledgable people on this board.
    I know you will find a lot of caring people here too.
    I don't know about the hive question, maybe someone will come along and know.

    Again, Welcome
  4. elaine_p

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    I'm not sure about hives, but I know lots of us itch. Mine wasn't severe, though, and just changing my body lotion and soap worked for me. You might try that, and maybe consider changing laundry detergent/dryer sheets. I don't know anything about hives, so don't know if taking an antihistamine is a good thing to try or not.

    Oh, you mentioned an allergist. Well, heck, they might be good suggestions anyway, if you haven't tried 'em!
  5. Belladonna3

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    I also have FM and CFIDS for most of my life. I am almost your age.

    The hives sound like an allergic reaction. Have you been to a Allergist?


  6. nberinobis

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    Hi! I live in Hawaii and have been suffering with FMS with chronic pain. When I began having all the different syndromes, I believe not to many physicians knew what FMS was all about. I've been hospialized over 4 times for pain control. I was prescribed Lortab, 2 tablets 2x a day. It worked for a while, but all the pain started again. In the mean time my physician had moved, and I started with another physician, Dr. Dale Glenn. He took me off the lortab, and started me on oxycontin 20 mg twice a day. I finallly felt I was able to function again! After about a year, I must have built up a tolerance to oxycontin, because I was in pain again. Then he changed me to MS contin extended release 15mg. Again I became functional again. The only problem with morphine, is that its very bad on your stomach. Finally he put me on the duragisic patch. Anyone with severe FMS and chronic pain, this was my answer to my prayers. Please, I'd like to hear from everyone with these problems. Nadine (nberinobis@yahoo.com.