Im looking for Guaifenesin Buddies ???

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by fibrohugs, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. fibrohugs

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    Hello everyone!,

    Am from England and i have fibromyalgia since a young age and am starting the Guaifenesin Protocol 2Morrow and i cant get mapped i will be writing up my dairy tonight! and i was wondering if there is anyone that is on the Guaifenesin Protocol that would like to be my buddy?

    take care and i hope to hear from you soon!
    love fibrohugs xx
  2. 3gs

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    Iam noton the protocol but could you tell me about it?

    Im looking for info to get my doc to started on things.

  3. lke1165

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    Been there, done that. It caused extreme muscle spasms, unexplained. I seemed to improve for a while, then the I remained stable. Did not feel worse after stopping as they warn. Feeling worse now, but that was a few years ago, so I don't think it's related. Good luck - I know it works for many.
  4. liberty143

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    i have had great success on it. you can map yourself actually. your nodules are where you ache when you hurt. they are frequently in the sides and back of neck, tops of shoulders, backs of upper arms, tops of forearms near elbow, between ribs, buttocks, tops of thighs (esp. on the lateral sides, just below backs of knees...draw a human body and color in those areas. if you press on a nodule it causes an acute, sick feeling, sharpish achy pain...

    my nodules have decreased by 60% on Guai. My doc says 80% of her patients have positive results but mine are really good. i get massage every 2 weeks by a therapist that KNOWS fibro. i drink tons of water. the massage of nodules hurts but over the last 28 months my body contour has actually changed! and when the nodule gets smaller i dont hurt there!

    good luck!
  5. SandiZ

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    I have Lupus and have taken Guiafenesen for sinus problems. I have noticed that it does wonders for my muscles on the days I take it. However, it makes me physically ill after three days. My mind races and I can't think at work....I say things that just fly out of my mouth. It feels as bad as Prednisone to me. I wish I could tolerate it.
  6. gramaT

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    I have been putting off going on the guai for a long time thinking I need to do
    so much first. I need the ph alkaline drops for water and testing. Does yours call for that? How much do you take when you start?

    I tried it a couple times and did feel a LOT better so Good luck w yours. I would like to go on it the right way. Did you get info from a book or here??

    Caroline from Illinois
  7. irishbookfairy

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    I have never heard of this protocol before but then I live in Texas--born and bred, a "True" Texan and I have always lived in small towns. Maybe this protocol has not made its way to us good ole boys and girls yet. I have taken Robitussin many times in my life as a way to get up the stuff in my chest so that I will stop coughing so much. the main ingredient in Robitussin is guafenesin. Is this the same thing? irishbookfairy
  8. simonedb

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    Hey there
    I read about this like 6 years ago and got psyched to do it and got rid of bad shampoos etc but then when I took it, it made me in a terrible mood, just couldnt tolerate it and it also seemed really hard to completely avoid it in all foods and products.
    I am curious now though, does anyone know if perhaps it could be related to having had reyes as a kid, maybe not even knowing it? I used to be real sensitive to aspirin since got cfs/fm but lately can actually take it although now I am wondering if perhaps I shouldnt use it, I was taking it cus of the theories about coagulation, thinning my blood. so many competing theories and protocols......