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    Im working really hard with my mom to find out wat rights i have as a student with fibromyalgia and im not havin and luck finding my rights. this is really hard its like the government doesnt want us to be able to find our rights easily we have to work and work to find them.
    this is really hard to deal with and then the school nurse saying that if i had cancer they could help me out as if this isnt as bad as cancer. its like the only way people will help is if your so bad you cant do it on ur own and they only doit because they feel sorry for u but they really dont want to do it i hate how they have all this make a wish foundation that u get to go do something great because u may not be able to do it ever again or make it very long cus soon u may be dead but when it comes to people who live and arent able to do somethings and u want something nice such as a house because ur moms a single parent and cant afford it and also has a disablity they wont because ur goin to live but those other people arent and so we'll make them happy before they die but these people that r living a misserable we'll let them live that way for years. Man the world gets under my skin a little.
    but its like if they dont see anything wrong with u they think ur ok.
    IM SO MAD.......... and this is how our generation acts now and u wonder who they learn it from look around people its all over and these poor kids get blamed.
    sorry im done i get this from my mom im sry i spoke my mind im done now lets hear wat u guys have to say.
    thats one good thing bout fibromyalgia we r able to people and feel for them and give them advise even if they have the disablity or not but then they dont listen to us when we have a problem with our disability oh gosh dont get me started im done now.

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