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    Please pray for me. I have been in a really bad flare up-it's a really busy, stressful time for me at work. Today is my sons' 8th birthday- I want to be "up" for him after school. I'm so exhausted and in pain. My right bra strap is killing me-it must be sitting on a pressure point. I want to rip my bra off, but can't of course while at work. I just feel like whining, but I can't at work-I'm "the boss". I'm so tired. I slept 10 hours last night, and I feel like I never went to sleep. Usually I only fall asleep for a few hours at most-even this great amount of sleep didn't help. waaaaah. I have to get back to work; maybe just putting this "out there" will help...
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    Hi Cindy,

    I posted to you again but you probably either didn't see it or was too busy and I understand for sure. I will pray for you that you can have a good time for your son's birthday. It hopefully is a three day weekend for you. I have to march our bands in the parade on Monday so no three day weekend for me. ):

    This time of year gets very crazy for me too. We have another week left of school and the troops are getting restless.....actually have been for weeks. LOL

    I hope some rest this weekend will help to revive you.

    Take care and know I will pray.

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    I have had horrible flares myself. Just keep telling yourself, "This too shall pass". Do you have a heated mattress pad, they help alot when I am having bad pain. Also, two cups epsom salts and half cup hyrogen peroxide in your bath water works wonders.

    Praying that things let up real soon for you. Take care!
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