I'm moving to SF! Need help!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lissamaye, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. lissamaye

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    For those of you who read my other post last week. I've finally decided I'm moving to San Francisco! In the fall I'm going to attempt to attend a psychology doctoral program tied with Stanford Med.

    Anyho, insanity is about to insue. I'm just hoping I can cope with all the stress. Anybody who lives out there I'd love to know good/quiet neighborhoods to look at for house hunting. It has to be within driving distance of Palo Alto.

    Also, I could definitely use suggestions on the doctor front. We're about to start looking more seriously at my suspected lyme's disease, so I could definitely use a doc with some experience in that realm and adrenal burnout. Ideally with a bit of an alternative medicine flair.

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  2. lissamaye

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    I felt totally horrible last night so I appreciate someone looking out for my post :)
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    Sent you an email
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    you might want to remove your email from your post soon, or you'll probably get bombarded with spam emails.

    I sent you the info about my doctor in Palo Alto. I would highly recommend an consultation with her.

    Regarding an good area to live... We were in San Francisco (sunset neighborhood) for our first 2 1/2 years, but the fog started to get to me, along with the long commute to Menlo Park. When we started to look for someplace halfway between the city & Palo Alto, a friend recommended Belmont. It is very convenient, right between 280 & 101, and it's also along El Camino Real. It's a very nice residential community, and has quite a few apartment complexes. The closer you get to the city or Palo Alto, the more expensive it is. San Carlos is also a very nice city, the next town south of Belmont. We lived in a great apartment complex, with a brand new kitchen & bath, big balcony overlooking the heated pool, and looking out at conservation land. My husband could go right out the back parking lot and onto a few miles of mountain biking trails. It was also a great place to take a quiet walk.

    There aren't many places that I can think of that offer the views that we had. We even saw deer walk through occasionally. The rent was pretty reasonable in our building, we were at about $1350 for a roomy one-bedroom (very good price for that area, especially in such a nice building), although I'm sure it may be a bit higher now. The SF area can get pretty expensive, but the existing economy may have kept the rents from increasing.

    Let me know if you'd like more info about the areas around there. We were in Belmont for 3 years, so we're pretty familiar with the whole area. I worked on Sand Hill Road, right down the street from Stanford.

    good luck!!
    Pam J
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    I'm so happy that some people responded :) I was starting to get worried that no one knew a thing about SF. No worries on the e-mail front it is my spammed account. I have another one for professional purposes so it's all good. Once my brain can wrap around the info I've got I'll definitely get back to you both.

    Still open to any other suggestions of info anyone else may want to contribute. Thanks again guys.
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    no additional info- except, I too love the Sunset district of SF. Anyhoo, just wanted to bump this up for you, see if anyone else has some to offer.

    Good Luck!
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    I can't help with house hunting as I'm about to leave Palo Alto about spending 3 months here from the east coast. I can recommend a nice, very expensive apartment at Stanford West Apartment which is right off Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto. Most of the people who live here work at Stanford University or Stanford Medical Center. The rent for a one bedroom is about 1,760 for short term rental per month. It is a nice temporary place to live while you are house hunting and there is a bus shuttle that goes to Stanford University and Stanford Medical Center.

    Love, Jasmine