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    Hey all, im soooo glad this site is working again, yesterday was awfull without it. Thank you all for replienng to me about the outraged doctors visit. it really helped. I'm nervouse because i might be going to see another doc. soon. I just dont want another doctor to be meen and heartless. I hate how doctors act like this illness is nothing. I think the sad truth is that before doctors will start noticing our problems, more and more doctors will have to get it. and that sux for us. Anyway im nervouse about my new doctores visit. should I even go? what's the point? they dont know what it is or what to do for it and they look at us like were liying hypocondriacts. truthfully, books, and this website has helped me and taught me more than any doctor ever has! Well,ok... the reason i have to go to the doctor is because they arent SURE if I have cfs or something else. so, im nervouse cuz i dont want to be looked at like a loon or something. sorry im rambling . thanks for listining. Peace...ZOe
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    we've all been there.

    It makes me so mad that this is still going on. After 22 years I'm still trying to get certain aspects investigated but the reason I'm having problems is slightly different to most.

    Each time I see a specialist I try to stay calm and be positive about it. Whether I remain that way depends upon who I see and how the consultation goes.

    Saw a really good eye specialist recently who understood more than most docs I've seen. She was clearly trying to put things so carefully because she couldn't actually help me.

    I ended in tears not because there was nothing she could do but because she was so human and believing.

    No matter how nervous you are you must go. Our problems need to be investigated. If it's not all cfs then perhaps it's something that's easier to treat, it would be awful to lose out on that.


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    You need to be prepared ahead of time in case the Dr. is rude or not caring.
    You may want to say something like , I realize people with my condition are not always easy to help, however I am a human being and I deserve your attention and respect. (in a calm voice and look them in the eye) That can usually get their attention.

    If not, well I won't write on this board what I would have to say to them. After many years of being mistreated I no longer permit health care workers to treat me like I am a sub human.
    Good Luck
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    Don't give up, keep trying until you find a good doc. I was lucky in that my first PCP knew all about CFS and Fibro, he was the one that diagnosed me. But then I moved to a different state and I lucked out again with the 2nd doctor that I saw, he knew all about our illnesses too. He also had quite a few patients with CFS. The thing is to just keep on trying until you find one that YOU like. If one isn't nice nice s***w em.(Not literally) lol. Good luck with your search.