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  1. Staceymarie

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    Hi all! I just found this site and so far, I think it's great. I've not yet had the chance to read through the archives so this question may have already been answered....bear with me until I learn where everything is. I am 32 and was diagnosed with FM about a year ago (and 20 doctors ago). I accidently stumbled upon some information about silver fillings causing major health problems like FM and chronic fatigue, etc. due to the mercury that leaks from them. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this?? I had 10 silver fillings (I know...that's alot) and had a dentist remove 5 of those replacing them with composites. I still have 5 more to go, but am unsure if I am wasting my time and money. Is there anyone elsr out there that knows anything about this?? I need some feedback on this. By the way...I have been feeling MUCH better since having them removed although I am still tired quite a bit. Thanks for any info or feedback!!

  2. Amyd

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    I'm also new and 32!!!! I have 5 silver fillings myself. I'll be interested to see what others have to say!!!
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    Glad you both found our little world here. Can't help with the silver fillings, but there has been a lot of discussions on them.

    If you want try the 'Search Messages' link right at the top of this page. A whole lot of threads will come up!

    Just stopped to welcome both of you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    My biggest concern about this is that sometimes
    something can go wrong and make you worse.
    I know of someone with CFS and heavy mercury
    problems who had his removed. The removal didn't go well and made him worse because of it.
    I am afraid of asking for trouble, because as my
    mother often says, "don't ask for trouble because
    it knows where I live."

    I should do more research in this area but I am
    all researched out!

  5. Mikie

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    We have discussed this subject quite a bit and it will bring up all our old posts on this subject.

    Love, Mikie
  6. nacl4y

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    I've done alot of reading since first being advised to remove all silver fillings about 10 years ago. Over the past decade I've had them replaced - basically because I've broken them (TMJ, grinding my teeth rather ferociously).

    I haven't noticed any remarkable improvement to be honest.

    In discussions with my dentist (who has CFS and FMS himself), his research advised that prior to having the fillings removed that the patient be given a medication that... attracts the mercury itself. I can't recall the name of the med... it's been a few years. He took it when he had all of his replaced at once, and it helped. The concern was that the very removal of the filling obviously will spread the amalgam/mercury throughout the body easier - no matter how carefully the dentist "dams" the mouth. Interesting thought.

    I haven't taken the med as I've had them done one by one and haven't really been concerned with my fillings. The way I grind them down I do more harm on a nightly basis than my dentist would. LOL I have one more to go and I'm "bad filling" free :)

    Shannon L.
  7. klutzo

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    I know a local doctor who had them removed who has CFS. He still kept getting worse and had to close his practice.
    I don't know anyone who had them removed who got better as a result.
    We used to have someone whose screen name was "Mercury" who came to the Board on a regular basis to tell us all that mercury is the cause of fibro and if we had them removed we'd be cured like her. Haven't heard from her in awhile.
    At any rate, there are many young people without a single cavity in their mouths getting Fibro.
    The best thing to do before making this decision, IMO, would be to have a hair analysis done to see if you actually have a problem. This has the added benefit of showing your status with other poisonous metals, and any mineral deficiencies you may have.
    My doc is pushing me to have mine removed (5 silver fillings, one silver and one gold crown) because she thinks having silver and gold in the same mouth sets up a "charge" and is worse than just silver. Removal of all of mine would be a major expense, not to mention all the antibiotics I'd have to take and risk having a reaction to (I have mitral valve prolapse and am allergic to all but 1 antibiotic).
    I have serious questions about the composites, which are made of entirely un-natural materials that have not been tested as to their long term safety in our mouths. They degrade much faster and must be replaced often, creating more exposure to the plastics, etc. in them.
    In case of a tie, at least amaglgams are made of naturally occuring materials. Then again, natural does not mean safe!
    On the other hand, almost all other advanced countries have banned amalgams, so there must be something to it.
    I see my doc and get the results of my hair analysis on July 8th. I will share it with you all.
    This issue is very confusing!
  8. jacqui_k

    jacqui_k New Member

    Klutzo I just did a google search and came upon this excerpt , thought yo umight find this interesting:

    Trigeminal neuralgia linked to amalgam fillings
    JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Dr. William Cheshire, a physician at the Mayo Clinic, reports on a case where a woman's trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux) was traced to a galvanic reaction between an amalgam filling and an adjacent gold-alloy crown. Consumption of tomatoes and other acidic foods produced intense jolts described as being like those of an "electrical battery". The jolts in turn resulted in excruciating pain in the trigeminal nerve. Replacing the amalgam filling with a composite resolved the problem. Dr. Cheshire points out that dissimilar metals in contact with saliva can form a galvanic cell which can generate electrical currents with several hundred millivolts of potential. He points out that many patients with trigeminal neuralgia describe their pain in terms of "electrical" jolts and concludes that his patient's neuralgia may well have been triggered by the galvanic reaction between the amalgam filling and the gold crown.
    Cheshire, William P., Jr. The shocking tooth about trigeminal neuralgia. New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 342, June 29, 2000, p. 2003 (correspondence).

    Hope this is of some help to you when making your decission.
    All the best ,
  9. jacqui_k

    jacqui_k New Member

    I did a google search using the words " Amalgam Fillings", the second result has a lot of interesting information.

    Happy reading,
  10. klutzo

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    I thought my new doc was nutzoid when she told me that, but you have proven that she can be trusted. However, this means my dentist cannot be trusted, and I really liked him. Oh well. Thanks so much for the info. Now I just need to rob a bank so I can afford to replace all that silver.
  11. jacqui_k

    jacqui_k New Member

    Have been casing out the banks myself klutzo......lol I've just started having my fillings replaced with porcellain(spl?).When I mentioned it to my dentist he told me that in Switzerland and Germany, and some other European countries they are no longer using amalgam fillings, but that in Israel the "jury is still out" so to speak, when it comes to official policy. He did mention though that it is becoming more and more popular to have the porcellain fillings, and that in his opinion the only thing that prevents more people from having them is the expence.

    The only consolation I have is that he is willing to let me pay it off in instalments.......that still works out a tidy sum each month , but better than having to rob a bank....not too sure how good the dentists in prison are.....lol

    All the best,
  12. Staceymarie

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    Thanks guys for all the imput. I have been researching (via the Internet & dentists/doctors) for about 2 years on this subject and felt I really didn't have anything to lose by removing the amalgams I had. I went to a dentist in Durham NC who specializes in removing amalgams (uses the dam/oxygen, etc) and can honestly tell you that a month after the removals..I felt terrible but later started filling much better. I still have 5 more to go, I have just been putting it off because right now I really feel good. As we all know that is apt to change at any time. This dentist I saw told me to take 1000mgs of Vitamin C a day and even referred me to a doctor to have Vitamin C IV, as well as the Clifford test and all that. After reading all the info on mercury poising from silver fillings and hearing people describe the same exact symptoms I had/have, I decided to go for it. You know how when you are feeling bad you are desperate to believe anything might help you. I should gat the mercury test, but every doctor I have talked to has told me that all the test that are out there are not 100 percent accurate because mercury settles into various parts of the body and so on. I just dno't know what to believe. Than I read a book about Candidas??(spelling) and it said not to take Vit. C. Again thanks for all the imput and for listening...it seems good to have a place where you can ask a question and you don't get that "blank stare!" ;-)
  13. victoria

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    I had a urine test for mercury and other metals, came up high on mercury, and did chelation with DMSA for several months; repeated the urine test, and it showed that I now had acceptable/ very low merc levels. Can't say I felt any better unfortunately, even tho I expected to (so much for the placebo effect).

    My CFS doctor says he feels that doing chelation regularly would probably do as much as having them removed, and it's not very expensive to do comparatively.

    I still plan on having my amalgam fillings removed by appropriate dentist as needed, but since crowns cost $900 each, I can only do a little at a time. To have them all removed will cost me just under $10,000!! (I have a mouthful of amalgams due to unethical dentist in my 'teens -- funny how once I went away to college and only got cleaning/checkup on my breaks, I never had any decay -- even tho I never changed what I did!)