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    I'm thinking after reading all of the posts, that we need to remember, the person we need to focus on most, is ourselves, and not to "worry" about what others are doing within their "own"
    spirituality. I'm very grateful to have learned something here tonight about being an Atheist. I loved learning more about it. I remember learning more on being Buddast...sorry if spelling is wrong here..:) anyway, I worked with some people who were Buddast. I loved these people. I wanted to know them better, understand them better. Now I do. Now, I also know more on Atheism. I can tell that this person is a very loving and caring person. What more could I ask for in a friend? My belief is that there is a Christ. I can tell from the posts here that I will be accepted just fine. I also saw a person here say that she came from a strict church. Many people may think that my church is strict. We do keep busy in it that's for sure...by serving, serving, serving. I love that though, and don't mind doing what I can, in my opinion and belief, for the Lord. Went to church today, found myself crying and loving the spirit that I felt there today. We were taught to, "Try To Enjoy The Journey." Telling family and friends that you love them, give them a hug...or two... :)) I'm a huggy person. Time goes by so quickly. We won't be here for long, I believe what I heard today... make the most of it...the best of it. Spend time with family and friends. Too many tomorrows turn into yesterdays, and the "what ifs" and "only if." So many tears are spent at the tomb with the thinking, if I had only spent more time with this person, or said, I love you. Well, I don't even know you folks here, and I would like to say...I love you. People are people, anywhere you go in the world. We're all here in "it" together. Thank you all for sharing, and helping my eyes and heart to open even more so in understanding others here on earth. Love to you all again, Doznclan3
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    O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.
    Isaiah 25: 1

    I love the Lord with all my might, mind, and soul!