I'm new and love this site!

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    Hello everybody! I want to thank you all for your messages here. I don't feel so nutty as before...! I enjoy reading the wackie "foggy-brained" things that we do, but also when somebody is scared or is having a bad day and "vents" that is good, too, because we have all had those days. It makes me feel pheww! I'm not the only one!
    I was diagnosed 10 years ago and take a more "natural" approach to my treatments....if anyone's interested.
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    I have made up my mind that this is the year I am going to change to the natural approch. I am on my way to having a little bit more money to spend and so I want to try holistic medicine instead.

    I started researching, but I not sure which way to go yet. I love my doctor, but there is only so much they can do because of limitation on insurance.

    I was Dx'd about 31/2 years ago and I am doing pretty well, but I am tried of having to take chemicals everyday.

    I am interested you guide you with your natural approch..

  3. nefran5

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    Hi, Laura, thanks for replying!
    I'm new at messaging via this site. I hope I do it right.
    Some back ground:

    I don't have insurance, because I'm not working full-time, so I'm forced to use common sense and natural remedies. When I did have insurance I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist 10 years ago, but had all of the wackie symptoms and pain and fog for at least 5 years before that.
    During those 5 previous years I also saw 2 neurologists who diagnosed a specific balance disorder. (I went through several weeks of high-tech neuro testing and retesting.) One doc was doing research for NASA. So I know that my symptoms are "real". I believe that the symptoms are all related to this Fibro thing...
    ...Anyway, I wasn't getting much help from prescribed drugs in alleviating the pain and other symptoms, but I did notice a remarkable difference in improvement when I ate "healthier" and decreased sweets and increased water.
    I live in Portland OR area and it seems that we have some very good health practicioners and "alternative" medicine schools in our area, so I've been able to try out several different approaches.
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    I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to this site. You will find a ton of information and people who "know" what it is like to feel rotton and look fine. I am also interested in what natural treatments you use. Please let us all know.
    Again, Welcome.
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    I am also new and interested in a natural approach. Please share. God Bless