I'm new and ssooooo tired all the time!

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    Hi everyone.
    I'm new to these message boards, so I haven't been following the topics that much. I also don't have a whole lot of info about CFS. I know that it's a disease of "exclusion", meaning doctors look for everything else, first. I know there is no "test" for CFS or Fibromyalgia.
    First, I've been tired for many years. I'm almost 29, and that's too young to be tired. I'm not obese, I don't smoke, and I don't have children. I'm tired if I sleep 7 hours a night or 10 or 11. I'm tired if I exercise vigorously, a litte bit, or not at all. I'm tired if I'm on the couch, if I'm at the computer, if I'm at work, or at a loud concert. I'm tired if I drink milk, a glass of wine or a large coffee. I'm tired at 6 a.m. when I get up for work. I'm tired at noon when I eat lunch. I'm tired at 4-ish p.m. when I'm leaving work. I nearly fall asleep at the wheel driving home most afternoons.
    I have been tested for hypothyroidism...(I have many classic signs of hypothyroidism)...negative. It was assumed that I had "Wilson's" disease (you may not have heard of it, but it's a thyroid condition, too.) It turned out that I had too much T4 hormone to possibly have "Wilson's". I've been tested for anemia, Lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and other stuff that I don't even remember. All results were negative.
    I'm on Wellbutrin and Zoloft for depression. I was tired before I took them. When I took Paxil, I was really tired. I was switched to Prozac, and I had intense anxiety and nausea. I was switched to Wellbutrin alone, which did nothing. Then, I was given Zoloft, which helps the depression, but may cause or add to fatigue. My GP gave me Wellbutrin on top of it because she feels that it helps to lessen the fatigue caused by Zoloft. I'm still tired.
    I don't have the "muscle aches" that others often have with CFS/Fibro. But, I do have very tight "kinked" muscles in my shoulders and neck. I have terrible TMJ, and have been to physical therapy to help that. My insurance won't pay for any more physical therapy, so now I'm stiff-jaw again, and take Advil continuously. I get tension headaches that extend from the shoulder/neck pain. I don't have swelling or migraines or arthritic symptoms.
    I have tried CLA for energy. I've tried Ginseng for energy. I've tried caffeine, sugar and diet/energy pills with ephedra for energy. Nothing really makes a difference.
    I hear from family members that I'm "just a tired person" or "You should exercise more". (How can you find the energy to exercise when you're falling asleep at your desk?) The endocrinologist told me there is nothing wrong with me. The GP thinks it's the Zoloft. The homeopathic doctor thinks it's something emotional from my childhood, and prescribed Sulfur, which did nothing. Nurses think it's my low blood pressure (90/60). The endocrinologist also says I'm hypoglycemic. Sometimes I take glucose pills when I'm going to faint from hunger. Oh yeah, and I'm always hungry....and I'm a vegetarian and yes, I get enough protein and iron. I eat veggie burgers/peanut butter/soy products galore, and sometimes fish.
    I don't know what all of this means, but since you are all familiar with these diseases and are much more knowledgable than myself. I'm just tired of being tired. I'm sick of being unheard. Do you think I have CFS? I know you can't "diagnose" me, but what is your honest opinion?
    I appreciate any info/support anyone can give me. I'm going to start on a journey to find a doctor near me who believes in CFS. It's got to be my problem. Everything else has been "excluded". Thanks for listening.

    "Nodding off in New England...."
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    This is a great place to find a wealth of information on just about any aspect of FMS. I've been tired for so long, I can't even remember what it's like to have the energy to do anything. Mostly I read what others have to say, actually I'm just too tired and my mind so boggled I don't try to advise. Just keep reading, these people are wonderful about responding to anyone's concerns no matter how big or small.
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    Hi, read your message. Was a vegetarian myself for 2 years. I would advise you to try eating meat (and more fish) for half a year and then see how you feel. My own experience is that making sure one gets 1-2 grams per kilogram body weight of high quality protein with the right amino acid mix (like that of meat, fish, eggs, milk protein) makes wonders.
    At the very least start taking 50-60 grams per day of a good protein powder (eg whey) with a high protein percentage (95 percent in the best powders). However be aware that such may make you react allergically eventually or react with food intolerance (it has made me react this way). Eating meat,fish, eggs, milk, cheese, youghurts is a safer way.

    I realise you may have strong idealistic reasons for not eating meat, but you can buy ecological meat, eggs from hens that have lived outside etc.
    Do try it. It may make you feel much better.
    What you eat is all your body has to work with.

    Best of luck,
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    Hi Pet lover,
    just wondering...... are you now or have you ever been on birth control pills? What about antibiotics? Have you had your Vitamin B 12 levels checked. Unless vegetarians supplement with sublingual B12, as this is a vitamin that can only be found in any apprecaible levels in meat products, there is a good chance that this is causing all your exhaustion problems. And if you have ever taken antibiotics, or birth control pills, I can not begin to tell you the kind of damage these things can do to a woman's over all health.
    Do your self a huge favor and at least read Dr. John R Lee's book - WHAT YOUR DR. MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT PRE MENOPAUSE. (don't let the title throw you. You will understand once you read the book, how we can be in this state as young as our late teens without even realizing it - and just how much health havoc this can cause us.) Best of luck and LOL - Anna
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    I understand. I, too, have lots of trouble with fatigue, severe hypoglycemia, food sensitivities, mild depression and more.
    I cannot tell you how much I have struggled with my health on a daily basis for the past 15 years. I lost 2 careers because I felt so crappy all the time and just could not keep up. I was always a motivated, ambitious, intelligent, strong person until all of these symptoms hit. This time last year, I was just sure I was losing my life slowly and that I would soon just waste away to my death.
    Have you learned about magnesium? You may need to take it short-term or for the rest of your life. We all react differently to different things. However, the typical magnesium citrate form seems to help some but create lots of intestinal trouble for many. I have found the magnesium lactate to be incredibly beneficial without the side effects. You can't overdose - if you do, you will have soft stool/diarrhea about an hour after you take it. I take 3 of these daily, and occasionally more if I am under a lot of stress.
    And yes, the B12 is very important, but only if you are getting a good, whole food source - not that fractionated and synthetic junk that most places sell.
    As for the hypoglycemia, you need to avoid ALL sugar and sweetener, and eat only a rare piece of fruit. It's also very important that you eat 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of the typical 3. This will help even out the blood sugar and keep it from crashing all the time. GTF chromium (not chromium picolinate) is terrific for the fatigue caused by the blood sugar problems - it helps drive the glucose into the muscles and therefore gives you strength.
    How much water are you drinking? Since your blood pressure is low (your numbers are very much like mine), you probably also have low blood volume. That means you live in a constant state of dehydration, even if you think you are getting enough liquids. You may have a decreased thirst mechanism due to the low blood volume, which is even more dangerous because you don't realize you need water until you are severely dehydrated. Coffee and tea will just dehydrate you more, and soda is too much sugar for your hypoglycemia but diet soda is filled with poisons that they call sweeteners. It must be water, and LOTS of it.
    I hope I've helped you some. I've been learning and learning constantly since I found out the real reason for my poor health just a few months ago. I have dysautonomia - my autonomic nervous system has a mind of its own, and all of the other problems are just symptoms of this condition. Maybe you have it too? There are no real tests - it is a syndrome, and unfortunately, very few doctors have heard of it - or if they have, they don't believe in it because they can't test for it.
    Wishing you well . . .
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    Have you received any helpful posts on your tiredness & sleeplessness?? I have similar concerns & most over the counter stuff & have tried makes me feel drugged out the following morning. I very rarely get a good nites sleep & it is taking a huge toll on my physically & emotionally. Plus my job is suffering a lot now too. Any suggestions on vitamins, rx, etc would be greeeeatly appreciated! Thanks... sg
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    It sounds as though you need to go through what I just did and I know it soounds corny but...........
    Have a Dr. order you a sleep study.....I am surprised that a "good" Dr (if you are seeing one) hasnt ordered one.
    You may have sleep apnea...and or not getting enough oxygen while you do sleep making you have all these feelings.

    I just went through one 10 days ago and am VERY bad.......I didnt believe in them but guess it is true.
    If you dont get to stage 4 sleep it can make us miserable.

    Good luck