I'm new and would like to talk with all on neds for Fibromyalgia

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    This is Betty (Liz), new to the site. I have Fibromyalgia and would like to talk with anyone else with ths condition.Does anyone have a list of all meds used for Fibro? For all my ailements, I tale a fluid pill, bloodpressure pill, pain pills, potassiun, muscle relaxer, and Lexapro to replace Prozac. Has a Dr ever told you that Prozac would stop the pain from getting to your brain...so
    you won't know you're in pain. Are there an DRs on this website?
    Thanks, Betty (Liz) (edited to remove E-Address).
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    Welcome to the boards.

    Since you have FM, I'm suggesting that you post on the Fibromyalgia Board. I think you will get a higher response rate there.

    They also have a great resource library on this web address. Go to the top of the page and click on Library. I've read several posts from people who say that it is very thorough.

    Since you are new, I don't think you know that we aren't supposed to put our e mail addresses here. This is for our own protection so you don't get porno and yucky stuff sent to you. There are wonderful people on this site, but there can be some lurking whacko just cruising any site. We want to keep you safe.

    The way to remove the email address is to hit "edit" on the left hand side of your post. This will give you the opportunity to delete the e mail address. Then hit the "post this reply" at the bottom just like you did the first time when you wrote your post.

    You have found a great place to post at ProHealth. There are wonderful caring people here. It is moderated---very well moderated I might add. So post your questions about FM on the FM board and I'm sure you will get good replys.
    Welcome again. Joyfully
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    Hey, Betty. I'm sure you're aware that one person's response to a medication can be drastically different from another's. Especially the case with Psych drugs.I think 2 approaches might be a good idea. 1) call up your pharamist and ask him/her what evidence there is concerning the Prozac. 2) Go to a search engine such as Google or Ask Jeeves and type in Prozac. If the info you're interested in isn't there, I bet the manufacturer's
    contact info is. If they can't tell you what's what about their own medication, well who can?
    Again, welcome. I'm pretty new to this board too, and everyone made me feel so supported from the get-go. This is the place.
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    I have fibromyalgia and have tried many medications.I am on muscle relaxers and antidepressants.I know some antidepressants are used to help pain and sleep which is important with fibro.I never heard of Prozac being helpful for pain,but I could be wrong. I am taking Trazadone and Lexepro now and so far it has been helpful.Sometimes it just takes trying different meds. to see what helps you.Living with the pain is a challenge-i hope you can find what really helps YOU.Remember you need sleep and to have medications to help pain.If something is not working try something else.Hang in there. Lana56
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    hi lizs closet,
    what level is your pain and do you feel it is under control? for me this was my #1 issue. I had tried various pain meds , and had allergic reactions to oxicontin and fentinyl patches. the oxi was working great so i was very disappointed when I reacted. I am now on "Avinza" which is a 24 hr.time released morphine and it is wonderful! I don't have to set my alarm for the middle of the night to take pain meds and I no longer have the up and down cycle of shorter acting pain meds. I did have a hard time titering up and needed to take Norco 10 mg. every 6 hrs. for the first month until I got the avinza up to 150 mgs. I do still have to take norco occasionally for breakthrough pain, but I can now sleep better and function better. hope this helps. i don't know about the prozac, I take Zoloft to help with depression and the sleepiness caused from the avinza as well as Provigil for the sleepiness.
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    I take Flexril 10 mg. every 8 hours, Amtripline sorry about my spelling 25 mg. at bedtime, MS Contin which is morphine 15 mg. time released every 12 hours. THey just found out back in March of this year that I had FMS. Right now Doctor is trying different meds. I have tried others but didn't help at all.
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    You may be interested in the FMS/CFS Board as well if you have Fibromyalgia. There is a lot of good information on that Board as well as on this Board.

    The various meds that are used for FMS depend on symptoms that a person has. This is the list that I'm on, and I've had definite improvement:

    1. Celexa 40 mg before bedtime. This is an antidepressant, and helps me to sleep at night, which in turn helps increase energy and lessen the fibro "fog" that I get.

    2. Neurontin 400 mg before bedtime. This works on the synaptic level to help me sleep, plus it decreases pain, which also helps me to sleep.

    3. Ultracet - 2 caps before bedtime and 2 caps during day as needed (not within 12 hours of the other). This is a pain medication that works well with "chronic pain."

    Getting adequate sleep in the most important thing for people with FMS. Adequate sleep helps ameliorate other problems such as the "fibro fog," the pain, and other symptoms that are common with FMS.

    Other things that I do/use that helps:

    1. Regular schedule is important - sticking to a regimen.

    2. Use a vibrator on my neck, shoulders, back, head, or other area that aches/hurst at night after work really helps soothes the tight muscles. Would love to get one of those wonderful recliners that have built in massager/vibrator!

    3. Warm baths at night. Full tub with 1/2 bottle of hydrogen peroxide and about a cup of Epsom salts help to soothe muscles that hurt.

    I try to maintain a healthy diet. Since diagnosis, I've gained weight. I know that maintaining a healthy weight level is critical, am trying to do that by . .

    Being as active as possible, even if it hurts.

    Being as nice to my body as I can be. We forget to do that don't we? One of my favorite things is to get a foot massage. That relaxes me as much as a body massage seems to - although I'd love to be able to get those regularly! Getting my hair done once in a while also relaxes me.

    Also, I'm taking a supplement called ZMA from the store on this Board has really helped with muscle pain and has helped to get me to sleep at night.

    I hope that this helps. The names and amounts of drugs used for FMS vary individual to individual. It may take time before you find a regimen that works for you. Work with your doctor, keep a diary, and don't be afraid to advocate for yourself.

    Take care, and best wishes, Jeannette
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    Hi Betty ~ I am new to the board ~ just today. I also have hypothroidism and am going through menopause. I take my synthroid (for thyroid); Climara Pro patch; Lexapro; Amitriptilline 20 mg. about 2 hours before I go to bed. It helps so much for sleep ~ I can't believe I went so long with out it. Good luck to you ~ hang in there, Lorena
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    Read up on Haemochromatosis, which is iron overload in the body. It causes aches, pains, Fibro, arthritis, abdominal pain, and can lead to serious organ damage.

    I have FIBRO, CFS, arthritis, tiredness, lethargy, and currently have elevated liver enzymes, and large red blood cells, all indicative of Haemochromatosis, which usually goes undiagnosed by doctors in the US. Doctors in Europe, Australia, and Canada routinely do iron profiles to screen for this disease.

    I am seeing my doctor this week, and I want this either confirmed or ruled out.

    Check it out! Good luck and God bless!
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    I also have fibro..just wondering..I am on ms contin 30mgs 3 times a day...I want to know if the 24 hr. Avinza is better..because sometimes I forget to take mine on time? also is in covered by insurance companies? I do not know if 90mgs a day of Ms contin is very much..I am also on prozac and other medications..thanks so much..I appreciate any help you can give me..
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    I'm on Neurotin (300 mg, 3xday) which has helped me more than anything; Prozac, and Zanaflex at bedtime.

    All of the rest of my meds are for other conditions such as blood pressure, heart problems, high chlorestrol, diabetes, lupus, GERD, etc.