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    Hi, I'm new here, but have been following this board for months. First I would like to say I think all of you are great educators of this DD and I feel lucky to have a board like this one. I'm 37 and I found out I had fibro in January of 2002. Like so many of you, I had symptoms of this condtion since I was about 10 years old. My mother was always taking me to the doctors. It started with headaches, leg pains, fatigue, and lack of sleep, I also had problems in school which I beleve was from NO sleep. I got the usual answers like most people, growing pains and skeptical looks from doctors. My doctor told my mother Id was "looking for attention" how horrible that as children we had to put up with this. I was not given any medication or advice from anyone, so I stopped seeing doctors in 1985 when I was 20. In 1994 I started working at a real estate office which was very stressful, I needed to see a new doctor once my insurance kicked in from the job. This time around was even worse, I saw about 8 doctors, and they put me on Zoloft, I didn't want this med because I wasn't really depressed, I was in pain WHICH caused my depression. After one week on Zoloft I felt I was having a heart attack, my doctor swiched me to Elavil, and I gained so much weight, I had stretch marks all over my body, next doctor put me on Paxil because of the complaints of Elavil, AGAIN, I gained and this time my hormonal system was totally off. This whole time I never had a fibro diagnoses, these doctors just treated me for depression. In August of 2000, I told my doctor I want off all meds, the nightmare continued with horrible Paxil withdrawal, by this time I still didn't have a diagnosis and My menstrual cycle was completely screwed up AND I was 100 pounds heavier. I started doing a lot of research, when I came up with fibromyalgia, I had a very strong feeling this was my problem. I found a new doctor, and TOLD him what I suspected, to my surprise, he agreed to take all kinds of tests, and sent me to a rheumatologist. I stated to lose weight immediately when I was off the drugs, it took 2 years just to take off 54 pounds. When I was diagnosed with fibro in January of 2002, the next month I was fired from my job, bad timing, they didn't know about my condition. I was at that job for 8 years struggling to get by, I was starting to miss work and I was getting sicker. I did get unemployment, but I was devasted about what they did to me, alhough it's for the best because I couldn't be there anymore. Now I AM TERRIFIED about finding new work. I can't go back to an office setting with very early morning hours. My friends and family tell me I should go work part time in a health food store since I know so much about vitamins and minerals, but I feel it's such a step down from what I was doing. I am on no meds, I'm too sensitive. I take malic acid and magnesium, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and E, no caffeine or caronated beverages and try to walk everyday, even for just 5 minutes. I know this is a very long post, but I feel so comfortable with you guys. Thanks for listening and gentle hugs.
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    I am new here too - only been on a month or so but I know you will find lots of great information and wonderful support here. I have learned so much about this silly stuff in such a short time. I am pretty much following your regimine of the same vitamins, quit cokes about 10 years ago (who knew?) and stopped caffeine cold turkey when I was diagnosed a few months ago. So far I am not feeling much better but I think the sleep deprevation is my biggest problem...my doc only has me on bextra and zoloft and so far they are doing zilch. He told me a few weeks ago that it would take a YEAR for the bextra to make a dent. Baloney. I am supposed to talk with him this month and I am going to have a discussion with him about what some of the folks here have said about bextra. I need something to take the pain edge off! Sorry to hear about your weight gain - so fair I have only lost weight since I have cut out all carbs (BORING!) but did have some purple hull peas and fried chicken last weekend (as a treat) and boy did I pay - flare-up ruined the rest of my Sunday plans! So no more "treats" for me...

    Everything I have read says we must stay active in order to deal with this DD - so don't worry about working in a health food store - it is not a step down - just a step in a new direction...plus think of all the discounts you'll get on your vitamins!!! $$$

    Good luck from Memphis!

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    Hi Chelz, welcome to our world. Sorry to hear you had such a bad time for so long. Glad to hear you finally found a doctor that is willing to work with you instead of against you!

    I have had FM for 20 plus years, so can relate to your problem with doctors. But did not get this untill I was thirty years old. Was a very healthy child.

    If you think its terrible for people to think you are 'looking for attention' as a child, wait till you get older, its more insulting in adulthood than childhood!

    So glad to your decided to join us, we are very happy to welcome you to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Sorry people have to meet this way. Welcome, I am in FL. now but from Ohio orig. Strongsville when I left but born on east side. That is unusual in Cleveland area, usually east side stays east & west stays west. Hope you can find the help and support you need. I gave up my businesses was not easy. Most of us have had to give up so much thats why it is hard to think people think we are making any of this DD up.( I don`t think I have that good of an imagination to make up so much stuff.)
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    I am in Ohio too, Columbus area. I actually just moved here a few years ago from Philadelphia, where I was a healthy, active (kickboxing, weight training, etc). Where are you in Ohio.

    I went to a wonderful conference on FM a few months ago (if I remember correctly, lol) with Dr. Teitelbaum (sp?) and Devon Steyrnal (sp? I'm a horrible speller and Im in administrative stuff!!!) and Dr. Hal Blatman. Good Good stuff. The reason I bring it up is I am actually really interested, after going to the conference and hearing him speak, to go and see Dr. Hall Blatman at the Blatman pain clinic in Cincinnati. How far are you from him? I would call and get some information! I am going to soon. I just cant afford it right now since he doenst take insurance.

    I am in a little different situation as you work wise. I took a step down and am an assistant to an assistant. I am struggling to do what I know by heart so I am considering a career change. I think we need to respect the fact that we are changing and somethings that may have come easy we may have to work harder for. I think the more we spare our bodys and brain from stress the better off.

    Would love to hear from you. I am at my screen name here @ aol if you want to drop a line.