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    Hello everyone, I am new at this. I was diagnosed with FMS 2 years ago at the age of 19. My pain started in my chest, went to my arms, legs, head, hands, butt, back, shoulders, and almost everywhere else at one point. I have finally accepted that I have Fibromyalgia, even though I was diagnosed with it, I always belived my pain was from something else, tumors or heart(This is because of anxiety), just something because I did not believe that this syndrome could possibly cause all of this pain. After many,many tests and doctors(all my tests normal), I have accepted that the pain I have is real and coming from my Fibromyalgia. My latest bout is in my legs, they ache all over, feel swollen but they are not, and pain behind my knees. Usually when I get a different symptom, it only last a few weeks and then I am ok for a couple weeks, and then something else hurts. I only hope that each symptom I do have is related to Fibromyalgia because I hate to ignore somehting that is something else. Fibromyalgia is a very confusing, complicated syndrome, all the symptoms can relate so much to other things, that is why it took the Doctors many test and almost a year to diagnose me. Well I look forward to learning more about this and knowing that I am not alone. Fibromyalgia has not completely ruined my life, although there is a dent in it. I still work a full time job, and try to do as much other stuff as I can, and I am going to start a exercise program after reading that it helps some people. Hopefully I do not have to slow my life down any more, I am only 21, I still have so much to do. I could not imagine raising kids feeling so uggg all day(tired and foggy). I also suffer from GERD(acid reflux), which I was told can be related to Fibro, and also I can not take a lot of pain meds because I have PKD(polycystic kidney disease, this is genetic). It will be nice hearing from everybody. Thanks!
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    I just hate reading about someone so YOUNG suffering with this crap but WELCOME to the group. Alot of very nice people here that will help you all they can....

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    Hi Kjh and welcome to our support group. I'm sure you will find many people here with lots of knowledge to help you through your recent dx of FMS.

    There are so many members here that I can hardly keep up with them myself anymore. Mostly due to fibro fog, though... lol

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    I'm sorry that you have this rotten illness but it's nice to welcome you here! There are a great group of people here and you will learn a lot.
    It takes time to figure things out and we are always learning ourselves. Some things work for some and not for others. However, take time to read old posts and you will find good suggestions for things to try. There is a search feature at the top left to look for specific things.

    Good luck and I hope you will be around for a while.


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