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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. MsBrandywine

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    I have a question.. I have FMS/CFS/MPS.. need to get new glasses which will be bifocals.. yikes.. lol. but im wondering which type is easiest to get used to? lines or the ones with no lines.. Thank you in advance..
  2. pam_d

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    I've been here a few months, but I'm in the exact same boat you are with this!! I've been terribly nearsighted since elementary school, but only recently getting that "40s" presbyopia thing, so I know there are bifocals in my future...I worry about being able to get used to them; some people have a hard time adapting to them, & ever since FM, changes like this are tougher than ever for me.

    My husband got the lineless bifocals a few years ago, & adjusted to them rapidly (he doesn't have FM)---stuff like this doesn't throw him, tho!

    I wish you good luck with this, and I hope others here who have gotten bifocals have some good advice for you. Let us know if it works out for you---I'll be next! And, again, welcome, this site is a great resource, huh?

  3. MsBrandywine

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    I have to do it soon , but oh gosh they are expensive!!.. Havent had new ones in over 6 yrs .. so Im way over do.. guess partly from beng too fussy on frames.. plus it always takes me so long to adjust.. (guess Im one of those that are just not good at change) lol.. .Everyone I have heard say on bifocals.. say they are terrible to get used to.. but I need the advice with ones that have fibro and wanted some input on this..
    will let ya know how I make out..
    Thank you for your helpful advice.. and and again on the welcoming..
  4. TKE

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    Been wearing the "varilux"(sp) for a couple years now. I'm blind as a bat, LOL. Super near-sighted since I was about 9 & I'm in my mid 40's now. Mine are Tri-focals. No lines & I was able to adjust to them rather quickly. I have Graves's Disease & FMS/MCP. I think I'd go nuts looking at those lines all the time!!

    I also wear a bi-focal contact lens in one eye & a far sighted lens in the other, when not wearing my glasses, making me mono-vision with contacts. I do have a blurred area, but you get used to it. I wasn't able to wear bi-focal contacts in both eyes. Eye doc said it has to do with your brain accepting them in both eyes & mine won't :(.

  5. tandy

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    which are easier to get used to~ I don't wear glasses,but my 10 yr old has a slight lazy eye and far sighted.....he needs a mild bi-focal just to correct his vision~I bought the no line ones.There a lil more expensive but worth it~He had no problems with them at all.
    I had to reply simply by your screen name~ I have a niece named exactly that!Brandi Wine~(when my sister named her that I thought she was otta her mind!!LOL)Its pretty but just very unusual?......
    Take care,
  6. kgg

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    Welcome. I had to go to bifocals at 40. I tend to have dizziness and balance issues so I was a little concerned. I adjusted to them within the first day or two. You need to be careful going down stairs at first. Also, point your nose at anything you want to look at. It all becomes natural very quickly. Actually, I felt more steady with the new glasses. Maybe not having the correct ones caused problems for me. Enjoy the shopping for the style you want.
  7. Mikie

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    I've been wearing the progressive lineless bifocals for years and love them. Now, though, I wear a monovision contact in one eye, and it works great.

    Love, Mikie
  8. MsBrandywine

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    Thank you all for the welcomes.. I think I will go for the no line bifocals.. Sure appreciate all the help and information ..
  9. MsBrandywine

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    Yes.. I know where Binghamton is.. Havent been through there in ages though.. Im new at this forum stuff so bear with me.. please.. it takes a while to get used to.. Im used to regular chat
  10. dolsgirl

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    get the ones without the lines because you'll get used to them very soon. I had trouble at first, but it's worth it. dolsgirl