Im new here ..Just wanted to say hi

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by richa3csi, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. richa3csi

    richa3csi New Member

    Hey everyone~

    my name is Tara, I am 22 years old. I have had alot of medical problems since I was 13. The doctors use to think I had arthritis, which i do small amounts. Then when i was 17 they finally realized it was fibromyalgia. I have had problems with depression off and on. About two months ago I was actually hit by a car when i was crossing the street. It put me into a deep depression, I am doing better now but It would be good to have someone to talk to. From the accident I have more aches and pains on a daily basis now I was really lucky that nothing was broke or anything from the accident. I was at college at the time, but had to move back home because of money situations. Now I am trying to put everything back together in my life. Just wanted to say hi to everyone .

  2. Fibro-Kel

    Fibro-Kel New Member

    Hi Tara,
    My name is Kelly and I'm new too! Just logged on tonight, (unfortunately my darn computer keeps crashing). Anyhow, I was "SORRY" to hear about you getting hit by a car! I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia too, and was diagnosed about 7 years ago. I'm 41 yrs.old. and I completely know "depression issue"! It can definately be a living HELL at times, huh?!? Do you have a regular doctor that you see? And have they been able to control the pain? I think the 2 hardest things to deal with, is the pain and the constant fatigue! I found a doctor, (if that's what you'd call him). Sometimes, I think he could actually do some research, because at times I feel like I know more about this disease than he does!
    Well, I just wanted to say Hi! And I hope we can talk more!
    Take Care
    GOD BLESS!!!
  3. intensemom

    intensemom New Member

    I'm glad you found this board. It helps keep me sane to have other who understand what I'm talking about and going through. We have a positive group here who really tries to help and support each other. There are a lot of members and questions get asked and answered very quickly.

    Have you thought about going to college and living at home...maybe there's a college closeby. I would hate to see you give that up. But then need to take care of your body first and heal!

    ((Gentle Hugs))
  4. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    You couldn't have picked a better place to come online. This is a pretty amazing community of people that Fibromyalgia and CFS sufferers, with lots of good support, humor, spirituality, and information.
  5. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    It will be easy for me to remember ya'lls names. I have a granddaughter named Tarah & my sis in law is Kelly.

    Ya'll will like it here. You can gain quite a bit of knowledge from this site. Plus you can come here & talk to people how can totally relate to you.

    Hope ya'll like it here. I sure do.

  6. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Everyone is right! This is such a wonderful site. I've only been here I think about a month and I get on almost everyday.

    Again, WELCOME!!!

  7. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Welcome to you two. So glad ya'll found us here. Someone is always here when you need them. Hated to hear about you getting hit by a car. Look forward to talking to both of you. Hugs and a BIG welcome to both of you!!!

  8. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Gosh I'm sorry to hear about your accident by being hit by the car while you already had FMS. I'm glad nothing was broken, but sorry about your depression. Major illnesses can cause depression because we lose what we used to be and we realize we can't get it back.

    As we age we realize we change, but it just isn't the same thing as an illness and I consider FMS/CFS major illnesses.

    My son is 25 and he had to move back home 2 years ago due to diabetic complications. He is still able to work full time, but at least he doesn't have all the responsibilities. He has neuropathy of the feet and retinopathy of the eyes. He has had laser surgery in both eyes for over a year now. May need more surgery on 5/2.

    Glad you have joined us as well, but sorry it is because of FMS. I have FMS also, but have never been dx'd with CFS. I don't really think I have that but I have diabetes and other problems, GERD (reflux) being my current one.

    To see people's profiles you go to the left and click on the blue username and wait a few seconds and their profile should load. Some people don't have their profiles filled out. Some, like me, have a photo and a profile filled out. I'm 56 years old and have had FMS badly since 1995.

    I can't say if pain is worse than the fatigue. The fatigue seems to stay constant, but the pain comes and goes and I really don't do much anymore in order to avoid pain, I'm sorry to say.

    Welcome to both of you and happy you finally posted.

    Kelly, if your computer is crashing a lot you may have a virus or worm causing that. Sometimes if you restart it, it will run better if you leave it on for long times.

    Everyone should use an anti-virus program and update it as often as possible, even daily. Also an anti-spyware program. Microsoft provides the Windows Defender for Windows 2000 and later operating systems. I haven't found it to find anything on my Windows computer, but I don't use that computer for mail, just for banking and Internet. Mainly my husband uses that computer. I use it for more offline things.

    For mail and most of the time, I'm on my Mac. Even with that I have Norton AV for Macs on that. I don't have to worry about spyware or anything like that on my Mac.

    Take care and hope to hear more from both of you. :)


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