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    I am new here, and I have been reading your messages for quite some time. I have been misdiagnosed with everything under the sun, and I feel like giving up. I have fibromyalgia, esophagitis, spastic colon and many food allergies. I am trying to be positive, but the pain in my neck, back, and chest area seems to throw a negative swing into play. I am working with a doctor in Florida who has put me on Valtrex because EBV level was 16 times the norm. He tested me for food allergies and I had many. I am now off of those foods, and on 1500mgs of Valtrex a day. I did this all about three months ago. It worked. All of my pain was gone. After six weeks, I was suppose to slowly challenge foods back, one at a time. I messed up. I challenged them all back at one time because I went on an all-inclusive vacation where the food was plentiful. I also took myself off of the Valtrex. Big mistake. Anyway, I am praying for it to work again. Pray for me please. I am a teacher, and school starts in two weeks. I do not know if I can continue teaching in so much pain.
    P.S. I have severe constipation. Anyone have any suggestions. I eat a lot of fiber and drink plenty of water.
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    Welcome to the board,

    I learned from here that even though I thought I was eating plenty of fiber etc. the fact that I was eating too much wheat was causing me problems. Someone on the board suggested it so, I cut out my wheat cereal and bread for a day or two and things started moving along fine again. Some of my aches disapeared when I limited my wheat too. I had never had a problem with it before but, now I how found the more I limit my diet from things suggested on here the better I feel. You can also do a search up top and I'm sure you'll find a lot of suggestions there too. Hope you're feeling better sooon.

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    Hi Ben. welcome to our world. Lots of help and support here on this site. We do understand and are always willing to help if we can.

    As for that constipation, give 'Natural Calm' by Natural Vitality a try. You will find it at health food stores.

    Its a powdered form of magnesium citrate, you mix it with warm water, sip it slow and it will have your bowels moving in about 12 hours without harming your stomach.

    Also, you asked for prayer? We do have a Worship Board on this site, just go to the 'Message Boards' link at the top of this page, it will bring you to an index with all avaliable boards here, the Worship board link is on the right side of the index.

    Will be glad to pray for you.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi, I'm new here. Very glad to have found this site--so very helpful to me. Most of you seem to be so informed about fibro, spastc colon, constipation and etc. I have all of the mentioned and then some. Have not yet found a dr. that is knowledgeable about my condition so just gives me pain pills. Is memory loss part of the fibro condition? Beebee71