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    Hi, my name is carol. i have had fibro for 12 years..been on chat room years ago..now looking for a new chat room to discuss our "invisible, you LOOK FINE" issues. I'm married for 15 years, two boys ages 14 and 8. I actually went on a bike ride with my 8 year old on Saturday. There is a running track right near us...3 times around is 1 mile...we rode 4 miles....spent all day yesterday in bed...today, I can at least move, but I forgot about some of those muscles you use when riding!! I always try to keep my sense of humor...I feel its imperative..because if you lose your sense of humor, then its all over...I am compassionate towards others and trustworthy. I look forward to meeting new friends. Peace to All, Love, Carol
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    Yes, there is a very good Fibro board here and it is filled with wonderful people and they pass along lots of good information. I think you'll like the Fibro board.
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    Welcome to the board!!!

    If you look at the highlighted post at the top you will find a listing of the different boards on this site.

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    Hi, Carol, I am Meme I am also new. Iknow exactly what u mean. Everyone thinks i look so good, even though I am 52 pounds heavier, i try to do everything that needs to be done like everyone, but find out my muscles won't let me but no one see's that, so everything i think thinks I am faking or nothing is wrong. i am on disability and worked very hard, and still do, so i guess they think I sit home and eat bom bom's. I feel so depressed sometimes, wih all the pain and even my daughter doesn't even ask. We are one of a kind that understands each other. I am glad to be here Meme
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    i have had fibro for 10 yrs. good for you keep up the good spirts and fun. i do know you pay for it after but @ the time it is all worth it. take care
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    Glad to have you here. It's a good idea to check all of the other boards too. You never know where you'll find some useful information. And do check out the "chit-chat" board. We have a lot of fun over there.
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    is from last year. Seem to be a lot of old posts being pulled up lately.

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    Unfortunately, there are some members that have done nothing but bump up posts and although those members remain anonymous on the thread when doing it--they DON'T REMAIN ANNONYMOUS when you look at their profile and then look at their posts. Then you see all the many "bumps" they have made. AND members can delete their posts, but CANNOT delete "bumps" and they are there permanently and present a record for all of us to see. Some members never posted anything and just did silly bumps like the thread here. Actually for some people it's a way of messing around with the boards, wasting other members' time and resources, and not getting thrown off.

    Most bumps are helpful and bring up really good info again, but when you find a member with a profile that contains posts that are pages and pages of all bumps like that, report them to the moderators so the moderators are aware.
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    twocats thats good yo know maybe it will stop them
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    me too! I also have fibro and rheumatoid arthritis, hashimotos thyroiditis,psoriasis and asthma!!
    I have changed my diet to gluten,lactose and glucose free and take many supplements and I have just started cycling- recently cycled 17 km with no adverse reaction. Have been advised to exercise regularly to improve fibro.
    I had to give up my job as a nurse, 18 months ago and was unable to do anything for 5 months, so I am feeling much better, still cant work full time though!
    Have you tried any of these "cures".
    I have also heard of a drug called Guifenesin which is supposed to reverse fibro, I would be interested to find out if anyone else has heard of it.
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    I look forward to any words of wisdom on FM. Had appt w/Rheumatologist last week. w/o any bloodwork, he diagnosed OA, RA, Fibro, & Diabetic (I'm type II) Neuropathy. After his workup, I had 4 vials drawn, hands x-rayd. Already had feet x-rays which show almost no cartilege left.
    I'm 56. Work full time, live alone with 2 4-legged buds (divorced), just bought new vehicle & wham. 4 unwelcome diagnosis'. I'm a pay check away from ruin. Had to file bankruptcy 2 1/2 yrs ago due to paying ex-husband's biz bills. So, now I'm facing disability & I can't go 6 months without a pay check before my group disability or Reg Disability comes into play. Have restless legs & Raynauds. Rheum prescribed Volteran & tweaked my GP's Fleril. I take Imipramine for sleep, Clonazapam, 1/2 Prozac, was on Mobic until Volteran. Tylenol Arthritis, Vit D, Fish Oil. Any FM guidance would be appreciated since you've battled it for 13 yrs. I need any help anyone can suggest. I had to come home early again today with sudden nausea weakness no concentration, slept 4 hrs this afternoon (I slept 8 last nite). Tomorrow I have Nuclear skeleton bone scan. Next week I meet w/Rheum for 2nd appt where we'll review if any RH Factor, various viruses & go over bone scan. I'm feeling so helpless as I lose an active life to FM. Thanks & God Bless! Connie Sue (please feel free to help DayByDazey).