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    I don't know much about Fibro or CFS but I am willing to learn, where do I start?
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    Hi. You will find this board to be so much help!!! Do you have both CFS and FMS? What was very helpful to me was learning about all the natural supplements I need to take along with all the meds the DOCS put us on... I learned that here. JUst ask lots of questions youll get your answers here!!! IGGY WElCOME AGAIN!
  3. Jen F

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    I am impressed.

    I don't have FM, I have CFS but some factors are the same and I have friends with FM.

    Speaking as both a woman and a person with CFS, I would say that one thing to keep in mind is that the loved one in your life may not expect you to FIX her. If she wants to talk about her health problems or complains, she might just need your listening and your compassion/empathy.

    And of course, on the physical level, helping out with tasks that contribute to fatigue or soreness would be important. If you can't help in person because you are working, be willing to consider getting paid help to come to the home.

    A healthy diet full of steamed colorful vegetables and other whole foods can be very important.

    If you like chocolate and donuts and cheetos and Doritos, etc. try not to bring them into the house much, eat them when you are not around your wife. Your wife should probably endeavor to follow one of the diets that help people with CFS/FM and support the immune system. For example, the high protein, low carbo diet [with lotsa veggies] or the anticandida diet with no yeast, very low sugar, no fermented foods including alcohol. Then there's the guai [guaifenisin (sp?)] protocol many people are following. You can find info on all of these through the search function on this board or in books or probably on the web.

    Hope your wife's health improves.

    Consider getting support for yourself - living with someone who has a chronic illness has consequences for you too, of course. I know my whole family has been negatively impacted by my illness.

    Take good care of you and your wife!

    Jen F
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    Welcome, is your wife going to join you and visit with us also? I noticed in another post you purchased Fibro for Dummies, am not familiar with that book. "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain" by Devin Starlanyl is a great book. There are well-informed folks here. As you can see, if we have questions, we put it out there. Also there is a search engine (at the top of the page) put in your topic and past posts come up. Its great. Fondly, June
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    Go to your public library and ask for a listing of all their books on these topics..My library has about 30-40 books on subject...