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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lasso, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Lasso

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    Hi, this is my first time posting here.
    I have had CFS for about 9 years now and I am on disability because of it. I DON'T have a supportive family. Most of my relation insist that I'm just imagining things or that having CFS just means that I'm a "little" tired all the time. Some try to claim that the herbs I've tried to relieve some of the symptoms are what is REALLY making me sick! I didn't start taking herbs until LONG after I had been ill, but they still insist that the herbs "MADE" me sick.
    I was wondering if anybody else had this problem? After 9 years you'd think they'd come around.
  2. suz41

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    Hi Lasso, welcome to our world, as you will most surly see there are a great deal of supportive caring people on this board. Sorry to hear that your family doesn't understand, hopefully you will find support in the members here. Do you have a CFIS support group in your area. Maybe that would be helpful. There is a locator source at the top of the page for support groups. Hope you begin to feel better, keep us posted on how things are going good or bad. Thats what this place is for SUPPORT. Take Care,

  3. jadibeler

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    I think most of us here have been through the skepticism of family & friends. Even with a diagnosis, which I thought would validate me, I still had trouble convincing people. I've had FM all my life - I was ridiculed as a child by the other kids, because I couldn't do even the simplest things in gym, my first husband and his mother thought I was the laziest thing they'd ever seen, neighbors thought my daily nap was a habit, etc and so on.

    You would think, with so much known about FM and CFS, that people would recognize that we are really sick, but I still have people asking me "What's that?" The frustration can drive you to drink.

    Can you print out material from the CFS websites to show your family? Is there ANYONE they would believe?

    Good luck. The only thing you can really do is ignore them.

  4. Lasso

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    As far as my immediate family is concerned - only my mother. But after all this time she doesn't understand the full effect of the illness. Mostly the support comes from friends I worked with when I first started getting CFS. They saw me deteriorate slowly - from being the go getter, gotta keep busy, slowing down is boring kind of person to somebody that couldn't even stand for more than a few minutes. I even had friend walking me to the restrooms at break because they were afraid I'd fall.
    But my brothers, Aunts, ect (with the exception of one cousin I grew up with) all thinks that CFS is no big deal. At least they claim that it isn't. I've told them
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    Hi Lasso, welcome to our world. I have FM, not CFS but people view these two illnesses the same. I get that; 'Fibro WHAT??' from people often, I learned to simply say I have a 'bad back' that they seem to accept. I have even had people ask if it was contagious, like the SARS virus!

    Thats the first time I heard that anyone blamed these illnesses on Herbals, but I am not surprised.

    My family are my husband, children, two grandchildren, and my dogs.

    It took my husband awhile to understand this illness as much as anyone that does not have it , I read him a whole book every morning for breakfast, chapter by chapter on FM! He got the message then. He is now my biggest supporter.
    It took my daughter the longest, she simply refused to believe her vibrant, helpful, busy Mom could not even go to the grocery store without someone to push the cart and carry the purchases. But now she also understands as much as she can.

    I also bought my two son's books to read, as for the grandkids, they are teens, my granson is a great supporter, my granddaughter is like most teens, she is not interested enough to listen.

    As for friends, if you can't deal with my lifestyle, then you are not my friend. I have eliminated toxic people out of my life. They only cause stress and with FM, stress causes pain.

    You have to make your own choices with people. If they are not with you, than if possible get them out of your life as they are no help to you, and can cause you damage.

    Again, welcome to the board..................

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. Lasso

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    at least my DOG understands...er,...most of the time. :)