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    Hello everyone, my name is Pete and I've been lurking here for a few weeks and finally decided to register.
    I am 47, married with 4 kids aged 23 to 16 and an 8 month old grandaughter (the apple of my eye). I and my wife of 24 years (Pauline) live in Ontario Canada. I've owned a computer sales and repair business for 12 years and both of my boys Jeremy-21 and Matt 19 work with me. I was diagnosed with Fibro last year by 2 Rheumatologists,after complaining to my GP for a few years of unexplained fatigue and pain.
    I already am blessed with Insulin dependant diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a few others for good measure. As far as treatment goes I find the same inconsistancies as you all seem to. Nobody seems to know what to do. My rheumy just gave me a Fibro diagnosis and said see you later, he doesn't believe in narcotic pain killers and when I asked him what I could do for FM he said learn to live with it, cut back on work and stress and that was it. My GP who we had for 18 years understood that I was in quite abit of pain at times- prescribed Codeine Contin with Tylenol 3 for breakthrough pain, I also take Clonazepam (Clonapin) for RLS, Elavil for sleep, Lipitor for cholesterol, Nizatidine for chronic heartburn, Metformin and Insulin for diabetes, Flonase for sinus and something for high blood pressure but I can't remember the name. My GP retired last Christmas and I had to find a new Doctor. I found one who had been practising for only a couple of years so I thought she would have lots of current information on FM, she wanted to wean me off of the codeine and Elavil and when I asked her what she was going to replace these meds with she said nothing, that these meds were addictive and she won't prescribe narcotics and the she said that I would have to learn to live with the pain and discomfort of RLS. I was dumbfounded. I tried for a few weeks but ended up at a walk in clinic where my ex doctor works one night a week (Bonus) and she gave me a prescription for the meds that I needed. When my new doctor found out she had her receptionist tell me that she wouldn't see me again, even though I have so many other problems that need constant monitoring, its her way or the highway. So now I am without a doctor and must wait in line for 2 hours every month at the clinic to get my medications.
    I find that the pain and fatigue is progressing. I now work only 6 hours per day. I just don't seem to be able to handle the incessant demands of customers for any longer than that, thank God that my boys are there and can take over when I become too ill. I still count my blessings. I can still work, I still exercise everyday, and I have a loving and supportive family. I wish you all the best.
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    Welcome to our family! Your story is so much like ours with the battle over pain that my heart goes out to you! I am happy you do have a doctor who will help you even if you do have to wait for that help.

    I look forward to hearing more from you and once again, welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to the board so glad you decided to join in and have your say on stuff instead of just reading every one here is so supportive and you can ask about any think like bob hoskins says on the adverts for bt its good to talk sorry thats in the UK i dont no if you get then in Canada
    any way ((((((((((Big hugs )))))))))))))from the UK
    Loopyloo xx
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    I'm sorry you've had a rough time - it's so hard when those that are supposedly there to help us seem to hinder us the most! Keep searching - find a doc that will help you - perhaps your old GP can recommend someone that has a similar treatment philosophy.

    Having FMS is a tough enough battle - it's good to hear you at least have a supportive family. Good luck on your search for a new doc, and again, Welcome!
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    Pete, you might want to look into the Lipitor. It can cause muscle pain.
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    Sorry to hear about your nightmare doctor. I almost think newer docs are less sympathetic to us than older docs. They must be taught in medical school that they illnesses aren't real, or a "wastebasket diagnosis" or something, while the older docs have seen long-time patients develop these DDs.

    Have you considered a pain management doctor or clinic? Maybe your old doc can recommend one. Then find a different doc to be your GP.
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    tell me what RLS is. Thanks
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    restless leg syndrome!!! ahhhh,yet another syndrome!!
    Glad you joined in Pete and welcome!!!Glad to hear you have your two sons to help out!!thats nice:)
    I can inderstand you not being able to do more than 6hrs a day!!I gave up my job a few yrs back due to fibro and disk trouble. I also have a very hard time getting pain meds!!And I DON'T understand this at all!!It makes me angry because if they only knew the pain we feel daily!!! I'm given darvecet for pain,and believe me when I say its useless! My script calls for 1 as needed....I take 2 and I'm still in pain,alot! But thats all my dr. will give me.I'm told the same....live with it!!and boy do we!!
    I still count my blessing too~For one- I have 3 beautiful children! and a hope that one day the medical field will open up to us and want to understand and find a cure for us all!! Nice to meet you~