Im new please look at my diary and tell me what you think

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    Hi all, my name is Denise. I have been 'dogged' by dodgy health for years.... l did/have graves disease. I had my thyroid removed last year. All the while l ahve been suffering from what you are about to read. I hope you have time to read it!! (sorry its long) all the time l was seeing the endo/docs they put everything wrong with me down to my thyroid grrr and only now they are saying maybe what is going on is NOT to do with your thyroid!! I have mentioned fibro to them but l think l may have docs who do NOT believe in it!!(ignorance is bliss?) So the last doc l see asked me to keep a diary so l have about 5 weeks worth of detail done. Id be really grateful if anyone would comment please. I plan to go see the doc tommorow and take the diary with me. Thanks all for your time and pleased to meet you all xxx

    July 17th. Woke up at 5.30 a.m aching all over. The soles of my feet have been aching for the last 3 days too and it is painful to walk. This has never happened before. My wrists, elbows, knees and ankles are throbbing. Also my upper back. My hands wrists and fingers feel tight. I have pain in my lower left ribs which comes and goes. My lower back aches when l move about. I have indentation marks from swelling which remains along time on my fingers and arms. I take codeine phosphate and paracetmol. Later my palms ache and l generally feel weak, this includes my shoulder joints aching. My upper and lower stomach are swollen and feel tender to touch. It is also day 2 of my period. Later in the evening l have pain in my lower right ribs which goes round my back. I have swollen ankles tonight and the top of my feet ache.

    July 18th.I feel really drained today and by evening l have palpitations which feel really strong.

    July 19th. Woke up with lower back pain and stiffness. I could not move for a while. I also have upper back muscle spasms which feels like burning? Early evening l have palpitations which feel like they are in my throat and top of chest. My stomach aches as if l have done lots of exercise. The lower front ribs ache too.

    July 20th. Really tired today. I feel thick headed. I went back to bed this morning. Later in the day l have pressure type pain near my collar bones.

    July 21st. Mild aching also really tired this morning. Thick headed. Palpitations also return later in the evening which feel like they are in my throat and top of chest. I also have flu like symptoms.

    July 22nd. Knees, elbows, toes, ankles and shoulders are aching this morning. Arms ache with weakness. I have to keep stopping to put my arm down whilst brushing my teeth. My memory is bad today and l cant find the words l want to say! Palpitations early pm.

    July 23rd. Eyes really sore, conjunctivitis is back. My knees and ankles are aching. Today l feel really anxious.

    July 24th, Could not move when l woke up. My lower back feel painful and stiff. My sacrum area aches. Get out of bed and knees, elbows, and hands are really painful. I also have upper chest pain and in-between breast area. Fell really grotty today and miserable L. At lunch time whilst making a sandwich, l get a severe sharp pain in my back where the bra fastens. This makes me cry out. Early evening l have pain upper left side of chest like pressure pain. Lower back pain and my fingers are swollen.

    July 25th. Woke up to lower back pain and stiffness. Upper back really aching it feels hot? My hands are aching and the soles of my feet. I can hardly do a thing today as my shoulders are aching and if l lift anything my chest aches too also under my arms. My eyes are still sore too.

    July 26th. Holiday! Woke up with mild aches but pain to top of chest/collarbone area. I feel really off today. I also feel very anxious. My back aches later as does my ribs. I feel very weepy.

    July 27th. Feeling very tired today. By early evening l feel like l am going to collapse with exhaustion.

    July 28th. Woke up aching, chest and back mainly. Feel very low I feel so weak. Decide to see a Doctor, as l am urinating a lot and have pain in my side? Back whilst urinating. The water sample is clear. I am very weepy tonight. The Doctor explained to me by taking the codeine phosphate that could make me feel weak and exhausted. I have decided not to take them again as they make me feel like l am going to collapse a little while after l take them.

    July 29th. Upper back muscle spasms and mid back ache. My lower back is also aching. My knees ache and my fingers. I have pain across the top of my right foot.


    Aug 3rd. I have upper back muscle spasms like a burning? My hands feel tight and ache. By evening l can hardly move with upper back ache/spasms? My ribs and top of chest and the back of my neck hurt if l bend my head forward. I also get some palpitations.

    Aug 4th. Still aching. My elbows, hands and knees ache. I have mid back pain to the left (muscle). I also have flu like symptoms.

    Aug 5th. Could not turn over when l woke up this morning. I have muscle pain from right upper buttock up to the top of my back. The front of my ribs ache and sternum area down to the bottom ribs. I have a really bad headache and flu like symptoms. My wrists, hands and fingers feel tight and ache.

    Aug 6th. Same as yesterday.

    Aug 7th. Woke up with diahorreah. Top of chest really aches. My lower left ribs around to my left hand side really ache too.. Like cramping. Upper back muscles ache also the back of my neck. Took diclofenac but after using 2 in the same day my stomach doesn’t feel right. Woke up through the night soaking in sweat mainly around my head, neck and top of chest.

    Aug 8th. Woke up soaking in sweat. I feel really low today and anxious. The knock on effect of feeling ill all the time, going to bed ill and waking up ill is getting me down. I feel so frustrated that l cannot carry on as l used too. Everything l do e.g. housework if l do too much l will suffer for it. I cannot plan days out etc as l don’t know how lm going to feel. This is so annoying, confusing and frustrating!

    Aug 9th. Same as yesterday

    Aug 10th. Ironed a few items of clothing and had to stop. My upper chest started throbbing and arms felt weak. The weight of the iron also made my sternum area ache and the side of my ribs. My period arrived.. Approx 1 week early. Never slept much was aching and sweating. I have bad cramp and a horrible headache.

    Aug 11th. Woke up to sternum area aching which also included lower ribs around to my sides. I was also sweating through the night. I feel grotty today with cramp and headaches.

    Aug 12th. Woke up during the early hours drenched in sweat. I have bad anxiety today. My sternum area still aches.

    Aug 13th. Again woke up drenched in sweat. I also have the sternum area aches and upper chest aching.

    Aug 14th. Feel really down. I am aching all over with flu like symptoms.

    Aug 15th. Woke up and cried. I feel awful and don’t stop crying for a good while. Feeling like this has me so frustrated! I went to bed with the sternum area, rib aches and woke up with the exact same pain! The back of my head/neck ache badly too. My midday felt a little better. My fingers are slightly swollen and l have stabby pains to my back lower ribs. I feel exhausted all afternoon and cannot even be bothered to think! All l want to do is sleep. I get strong deep feeling palpitations later that evening.

    Aug 16th. My arms from the elbows ache. My fingers still look swollen. My knees ache. By mid morning the sternum area aches including ribs. Early evening my mid upper back aches as did the top of my chest/collarbone area.

    Aug 17th. Woke up and felt…………..OK!! But by dinner time my back was aching. The last few days my eyes have been really dry and sore and the artificial tears don’t seem to help any longer. I have a bad headache over my eye brows, temple area and at the back of my head top of neck. I fell off balance/light headed.

    Aug 18th. Woke up with upper back muscle spasms. By dinner time this was ok. I also had strong palpitations and felt very anxious and shaky. Went on the computer later that evening but had to come off after 15 mins as my hands, back and chest started aching. I also felt off balance/light headed.

    Aug 19th. Sternum area aching this morning. I feel low. I am fed up of not been able to do what l used too! Carrying 2 light bags of shopping will leave me aching for days!

    Aug 20th. Woke up to pains running down from my elbows mainly the left elbow. My knees are also throbbing too. My blood tests are due this week so l go today whilst l feel ‘awful’. My sternum/rib are also aches too.

    Aug 21st. Wake up with lower stomach ache which worsened when l urinated. I have urinated a lot today and feel bloated. By early evening l feel light headed/off balance and really weak. I also have palpitations.

    Aug 22nd. Woke up and felt good this morning, so l go shopping. After carrying 2 light bags my upper body throbs also the middle of my back.

    Aug 23rd. Woke up this morning aching and covered in sweat. I feel so grotty. I feel like l have not slept all night and feel as if l have spent the night on top of a pile of bricks! I have no energy. After dinner l go to bed as l am aching really badly all over the usual places and feel like l have a water infection as there is some stomach pain whilst urinating. My eyes are again really sore and dry.

    Aug 24th.Wake up with lower back which feels like sciatica today. Upper back muscle spasms? Later on my ribs and sternum area ache. I also wake up through the night aching.

    Aug 25th. I ache all over and have flu like symptoms. Still feel like l have a water infection and l am urinating a lot. Feel really exhausted early evening and l am having trouble finishing sentences/words. I am so tired.

    Aug 26th. Really tired today and have some mild aches.

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    i really hope all your effort pays off and your doctors help you.

    if they don't, you should think about moving on to another doctor.

    it's not good for you to be in pain all the time. it really wears on your body and mind.

    best wishes to you.
  3. niecsey

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    Thank you for your reply x Do you see fibro in my diary at all?
  4. charlenef

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    if you need a dx of fibro you need to see a rhuemy they will check for tender spots to get the dx
  5. sweetbeatlvr

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    definately sounds like fibro.
  6. niecsey

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    Thank you all xxx Now to try and get the doc to arrnage that........ lm going to doc tommorow will let you know how l get on. x
  7. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    Hi again are tender spots the ones where say for example you lie in a certain position and it seems to trigger pain somehere OR is that a trigger point? Im confused about the 2 lol x
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    I was diagnosed in February and all your pain sounds like what i get. If this dont help the doctors understand a little, change doctors. I also wake up stiff and in pain and I can never think clearly I only had one visit to the doctor but I am going back in September. Try to take hot baths and keep your legs raised with pillows. I hope you can find some releif in the mean time. Best of Luck
  9. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    this sunday l will be 43! I havnt felt right since l was approx 32/33.. would you believe l doc l seen said it could be lm just getting pains now when l shouldnt be getting them till lm about 70!!!!! Anyway l think ive seen all the gps in our docs surgery now and l think seeing more than 1 leads to probs so l have stuck to seeing the same doc the last 3 times so she can get a picture, hopefully... it was her who told me to keep a diary. So l will see her tommorow. Before that l burst out crying in 1 appointment cos l was so frustrated and l told the doc its either them or me! maybe lm not explaining myself propally.. so hopefully the diary should say it all fingers crossed. I hate it when they look at you as if you,ve played 'guess the mystery illness never heard of disease!' lm waiting for the first one to say lm imagining things and l wont be held responsible for my actions lol. I never wrote in my diary how lm taking out feeling ill on my closest :( l feel guilty afterwards and l feel guilty telling my youngest today lm not well and not up to doing anything luckily shes 12 so she has some freedom bless her. Thanks you guys l really appreicate all your help lve a good feeling about this board that its going to be a really friendly place. Thanks all xx
  10. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    for menopause etc everything was fine...... this has gone on for 10 years only its getting more often before it was mainly 2 week before my period l would notice things more now it doesnt matter what time of the month it is sigh... thanks anyhow x
    ps the only blood test that has come back dodgy was the cpr it was higher than it should of been but nothing to worry about. Been tested for other autoimmune disease too.[This Message was Edited on 08/27/2008]
  11. FMsaddenedspirit

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    and welcome to the board .. sometimes I feel I'm in this alone. reading your Diary , Sounds just like mine,

    I have FM CFS disk D in my neck and so on and on

    let us know how it goes at the Doctor

    Remember you have us , this board has been a Godsend for me

    best of luck to you


  12. jenn_c

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    I would definately think you have fibro. The swelling in your stomache- does that normally happen with your periods? If not I would definately mention it to the doc. Good luck tomorrow. You did real good keeping track of your symtoms.

  13. niecsey

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    HI ALL AND THANKS XXX well it worked l am so relieved!!! She read the first page and said you need to see a rheumy!!! This looks like fibro but l cannot diagnosis it ohh you cant or you probally do know how relieved l feel!! Im on cloud 9!!! :) the diary l knew if l was going to get through to there heads l had to do...1 thing lve learnt you cant go to see the doc trying to remember all your ailments!! you should of seen my hand writing in the jotter before l put it on pc LOL it is a mess!! It took me a few hours to put it on the pc and l had to redo it 3 times!! So lm waiting for the rheumy appointment coming through the door. Ive also got to go and get a heart trace done l told her l had 2 last year but she wants it done again because of the palpatations do you guys get these bad? I do have thyroid issues. She also give me some mild antidepressants to help me sleep and to deal with pain l dont mind at all! I go to see her in 2 weeks to see if lm ok on them. So here l am girls :) its took a long time and lm finally going to see a rheumy!!! Once again a blinking big thank you to you all for been there with me xxxx
  14. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    you first go to see the rheumy? Will l get blood test etc?
  15. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    What do you all think about the anti depressant type medication for pain relief and sleep? I never started them last night lm a bit wary with hubby away l seem sensitive to meds xx Ps been prescribed amitriptyline.
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    Thank you so much x I was hyper for along time even after thyroid removal my dose has just been reduced. As l was slighly above ranges. This is more than my thyroid. Since l had my op l had 5 goods weeks then lve went down hill since! I get my thyroid checked regular and get it done again in 5 weeks. Ive had quite a few blood tests for different things but it was reassuring to see the ones l have not had done that will be done by the rheumy. The only blood test that was slightly raised was my cpr it was above lab range but l was told it wasnt anything to worry about. Ive had these weird symptoms for umpteen years long before thyroid diagnosis ..and it was from time to time now its all the time :( im crippled today :( been up since 25 past 5 :( Thanks again for your reply it was very thoughtful xx
  17. Janalynn

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    Hi Denise! Welcome!
    I'm so glad you got a referral to a rheumatologist - that's the first step!

    I can only tell you my experience. My rheumy did a physical exam, spent a long time talking to me about my history, how my body felt, symptoms, what meds I've tried, what's worked/hasn't worked, then ordered lots of blood tests. That is an important part! You need to have other things ruled out. (Vitamin D levels important as well if that wasn't mentioned) There are several things that can mimic the same symptoms as Fibro.
    It is not uncommon to be prescribed an anti-depressant. Seratonin levels are screwed up. (for lack of better explanation)

    At this point only our symptoms can be treated. So getting pain relief, muscle pain/spasm relief, good sleep etc. is critical to feeling well.

    I've had great 'luck' in finding doctors who have been wonderful. I have a great regular doctor who treats me regularly, prescribes my meds etc. I also see a rheumy every 4-6 months just for follow-up. My diagnosing rheumy was fabulous, only he doesn't treat. I did see a pain mgmt doctor once, but didn't care for her, so didn't go back and my regular doctor agreed to take care of my pain med needs.

    Good Luck to you - I hope you have the same fortune as I have had. Keep posting - asking questions, sharing your experiences and offering advice. We all learn from each other!
  18. niecsey

    niecsey New Member

    Thank you Janalynn? hope lve spelt your name right lol that was very encouraging thank you so much good luck to you too x

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