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  1. HeathersJourney

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    Hi Everyone. I am new to this message board and came upon it while doing research on CFS. I have been battling sickness since 2001. So much has happened in these years but I do know that I am sick of being sick. A doctor suggested I had CFS years ago and I thought he was crazy. I thought there is no way I am just "tired." But after doing research I found there is more to it than that. I am a 29-year old, career oriented mother who has to force herself to get up everyday and move. My husband thinks I am lazy and my house is a pig pen because I don't have the energy to clean after I have worked all day. I have an appointment with the same doctor that thought I had CFS on Tuesday. I am excited but nervous. I just want help and relief. Please pray for me everybody. I will keep you posted.
  2. kalley167

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    You have come to the right place everyone is so helpful here. Getting any diagnoses is so difficult with these illnesses because so many things mimic each other. Hopefully this doctor will research it and give you some answers.
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    I am a 30-year-old mother of three (11,2 and 1) with similar issues- there is so much overlap of the CFS/FMS dx's, but rest assured, (no pun intended!), you are not 'lazy'!

    I was never a clean freak, but always very organized and tidy... I'm a Virgo! Now, I can't keep up with even picking up toys on a regular basis. I'm so sorry to hear of your situation, but grateful you have been led here!

  4. Lindy2

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    I am so happy you found all of us here at Prohealth. We are a very compassionate caring community and always try to support each other.

    I am sure you will love it just as much as I have and there is so much to learn from the boards.

  5. lovethesun

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    I hope that the doctor gives you some ideas to help in your everyday life.Linda
  6. Fernita

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    Hi Heather

    I just started here also. This is my first post! I've just learned of my Fibromyalgia and CFS a few months ago and it brings tears to my eyes to see moms like you who struggle with housework and keeping things "normal" for our kids sake. I feel your pain (literally) good luck!!
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    hi heather,i am new to the board also (late feb) i was dx for osteo-arthritis in 1990. some goof ball o.a. spec. treated me about 8 yrs with cortizone injections. he injected me about every 6 to 8 weeks. i found out later that was way too much. they will damage our bones. i found new rheumy around 1998.he dx fibromyalgia.
    the next yr in nov. i had to have total joint replacement in my left shoulder. real fun .as i am a lefty. long recoveryfor that.
    and i womder if the cortizine caused the deterioration
    at the start.have had surg.on left elbow twice for
    cubital tunnel release. have had fibrocystic breast surg.
    on each breast. then was dx.neuorapathy in most of body.
    have chronic depression. i am 58. celebrated?? my 44 wed.
    anniversary on march 04. still hanging ,but by a very small thread.take all kind of meds. sorry this is so long
    xoxo cathugs xoxo
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  8. MamaR

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    I pray that all goes well for you.

    with love.....Mari
  9. Cromwell

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    back too sore to stay on but will chat at later date.

    Love Anne C