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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Morpheus, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. Morpheus

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    ..and I'd like to say thanks to the people who have made me feel really welcome already. I have cfs and thought I was very very alone but now I realise there are loads of people out there with similar if not worse problems.
    I just really want to just introduce myself and say 'HI!' so I guess I just did that lol. I'm Tracy (Morpheus, AKA 'Dream' from the endless <dunno if anyone else reads the stuff I read but hey>) I'm up North in Scotland (brrrrr) I have a good listening ear :) and thats about it for now.
    I hope at least one person replies coz I'll feel dumb if not (hint hint)
  2. danisue22

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    Welcome aboard, I hope you get many replies.CFS is a hard thing to handle. I have RA and FM,I wondered if you posted on the Fibromyalgia /chronic fatigue syndrome board. You'd probably get lots more replies over there.I've never been out of the USA but I hear Scotland is beautiful.Well just stopped in to say Hi so I'll close off for now. Danisue
  3. Morpheus

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    I didnt know if anyone would reply to me. I just get on with it, the sore head and sore back are the bits that get me now. It graduated from the 'not wanting to go out of the house' to 'I need to sleep all the time' to the pain all the time. I cope, I have to, I can't give into feeling down and sad (hard to say...harder to do). Gotta go for now, thanks again, talk soon :)
  4. mojo1

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    Hi Tracy

    Im jojo.I also ahve to put up with the lovely scottish weather.Its surprising when you first start to realise just how many people in our position are out there.I have fms, which took a lot of getting used to but life goes on.

    Bye for now

  5. Blueflora

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    I had to reply when I saw your name.
    My dear departed Dad used to have a running joke: whenever he'd take a nap, he'd say he was going off to the arms of Morpheus. To a little girl, it was a compelling image.
  6. dolphin3

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    HIya iam also from the north ofscotland in fact the very far north.i have me/lymes the lymes just been diagnoded after 14 yrs.I am also new to this site and also to computers you can probably tell.hope to speak soon dolphin3
  7. craziC

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    Welcome Tracy! Come on over and check out the CFS/FM board. At the top is a tab called "Message Boards", click on that, then CFS/FM Board.

    It is a wonderful place to ask questions and find much needed support!

    Hugs & health,