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  1. kthack

    kthack New Member

    i have been struggling for over a year now with my fibromyalgia. i do stretching exercises everyday and take a sleeping pill sparaticly, and my pain has gotten a little better, but my question is what do i do about the pain that is here now, i haven't been perscribed any medications and the over the counter stuff does not work at all, it's becoming unbearable and no one is listening to me. do i need a new doctor, or am i just not asking him the right questions? my family is hard to talk to because i always feel like i'm complaining or making up excuses, and they're afraid i'm going to get addicted to meds.

    any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated

    thanks, katie

  2. rockgor

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    I am from Minnesota too. Yeah, you betcha.

    You might check out the post titled "What helped Me" which is currently on page 3. It has info from a number of people.

    Another way to find it would be to click on my name at the left. Looking at the list of postings, you would see "What helped Me" about half-way down. Click on the title of the post to read it.

    I grew up in the village of Harmony, near Rochester and Winona. Have lived in Los Angeles for the last 40 years or so.

    Good luck. Ha det bra.
  3. DoveL

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    Welcome Kate,

    Sorry to hear about your pain, I can relate (I have FMS, and CFS), the pain is constant here to, but on different levels. If you are into taking pain meds, then find a doc who will perscribe them. For me, I try and do without meds. I MAYBE take a pain med, once every 2 months or so. Here's what I do to help with my pain:

    I found Massage to help me emmensly (I get a massage called myofascial massage, with physical therapy-2 times a week). My insurance pays for it too! Look into this. A massage and some heat work wonders!! The physical therapy designed an exercise plan that helps with my shoulder and neck pain too. The trick is finding a good physical therapist that knows how to treat 'chronic pain'.

    Apply some heat at home. you can get a heathing pad, or buy some heating 'socks' that you can get from Bed Bath and Beyond(you heat them up in the microwave)

    Don't OVERDO on the physical or mental stress...Too much will make you worse. Find your 'comfort zone' of activity. (easier said than done, I know!)The key is to 'rest and pace' yourself.

    Hope this helps you..Feel better, do some reasearch, and find what works best for you!


    PS,,Keep on doing your stretches!

  4. hugs4evry1

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    What kind of pain are we talking about? All over muscle pain?

    If so, many here including me have found relief with a balanced magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement.

    Our bodies are deficient in this mineral and it will help the muscles relax. I found great relief for my muslce pain with this OTC supplement.

    Do some research, but often docs don't mention supplements and I have no idea why because they can really help us. I think our bodies are starving for proper nutrients after eating so many chemically processed foods.

    Also a good quality multi vitamin (they sell wonderful supplements here at Pro Health) can also help.

    And odds are you won't get addicted to medications that your body needs. I've been taking Trazadone at night for sleep and it's wonderful. I get a good 8-9 hours each night and my body needs this.

    Don't be afraid to ask for what you feel you need. Discuss it with your doctor and continue to do research into our illness. I've learned many things right here on this board.

    And one thing I've learned is that adding natural foods to the diet is good too. Sometimes it's the simple things that help the most.


    Nancy B
  5. dragon06

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    First let me say sorry if I repeat any advice already given but I am way too tired to read all of the posts.

    My mother has been diagnosed with FM for 22 years now and I have been for 3 years, although it is believed that we have both had this illness our whole lives.

    The best advice I can give you is to first try and find a new doctor. One that understands chronic pain and the need to treat it. There are a few resources on this site for finding docs in your area that are FM friendly.

    Two try to educate your family on FM more if possible...so they understand that this is a chronic illness that has no cure, which means it's not going to leave you soon.

    That being said, I will give you my .02 cents on addiction for all that it is worth.

    Yes FM is treated with drugs that can potentially be addictive, but what we must keep in mind is how and by whom they are used. People using drugs to treat a pain that is actually there generally don't get addicted persae...they don't get "high" off the meds so they don't get addicted to that high. Our bodies can become dependant on meds and occaisionally have the need for a dose increase but this is workable. Addiction and dependance are 2 different things. I need my pain meds to function because to me being bedridden isn't an option, that out weighs the scare of addiction for me.

    One thing you need to keep in mind when the whole question
    of addiction comes up is this. FM is a chronic illness, that means we have it ALL the time. FM has no cure and there isn't one in the near foreseeable future. Because of those reasons we can expect to be on any meds that we find may work for us for a long time if not the rest of our lives. If you have to take it all the time anyways, is that really being addicted? No. I think people are most concerned people will become dependant but we have to depend on these drugs or our lives just can't function.

    As long as you are not killing people to get to your next Vicodin then I wouldn't worry too much about addiction.
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  6. kthack

    kthack New Member

    thank you all for the helpful advice, i am definently going to look into new doctors that will meet my needs better. i have done very little research into fms so i guess i'm just a little confused and frustrated, i am looking forward to learning more about it, and hopefully getting some much needed answers for me and my family.

    thanks again, katie

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