I'm new - trying to cope with working in health care.

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    Hi, I'm not new to fibro, read it all & probably have done it all too but what I stuggle with is trying to work and not give in to pain/fatigue. I'm a medical social worker who works in a dialysis unit. Our pt's are chronically ill and need dialysis 3 times a week to survive. Herein lies my struggle. Most of our pt's are incredible, cope remarkably well and there's me! - who most days has to lie on my office floor for a few minutes when the pain & fatigue gets bad!! I often think they (patients) do much, much better than me!There have been days where I almost envy them needing to recline in a chair for 3-4 hrs!!! wishing I could just lie down- then I realize I'm nuts!! I started going for counseling to try & cope better - which is what I do myself! My job is to help chronically ill people cope & adapt to illness & lifestyle changes!!!! Won't go on & on but wondered if there's anyone out there in a similar position??? Intellectually I know I'm not alone but the hardest is the isolation (probably self-imposed)cause no one understands how bad it can get except a fibro buddy so here I am. Thanks, Barbara M.
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    I am so glad that I found your post . I also work in health care.I work at a state mental institution, where all of the patients are depressed, bipolar,BPD, Manic depressive,Suicidal, and so on. Here lies my problem, I also have a problem with depression and anxiety and have reserched Borderline Personality Disorder, and feel that I have this condition. my doctors and psychologist beg me to take an antidepressant, but I won't,due to the fact that I feel like it will make me more like the patients who I am supposed to be taking care of. I don't have fibro*, but I do know a little about since my mother was diagnosed with it, but has passed away since then. My psychologist says that I need closure to my past, well I cant do that. I guess that he thinks that all my problems will go away if I just forgive those who have treated me wrongly. My job is sorta like yours, your supposed to help people overcome their struggles related to their illness, but can't seem to help yourself feel better with your illness. I am supposed to help people not feel like they want to escape and live a normal life, when I can't even do it myself.
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    Hi Barbara,
    I am also new to this message board,
    I am also too familiar with the problems you are having with the Fibro.
    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in July, 2003 after suffering for years with all the aches and pains.
    I also worked in a health care facility when I had to quit work.
    I had to quit work in Sept, 2002 due to all the pain I was having, I was a CNA in a hospital and I got to the point where I could not do all the lifting, walking and standing due to the weakness in my arms, back and legs.
    If I can be of any help to you please let me know.

    Love and Prayers,

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    Although I am not working at paid job, I host a group for women with FM on the webtv groups. I have been really struggling with the fatique and brain fog lately. I have not been able to keep up as of late in the way I should. I also am Bi=Polar.

    One thing to keep in mind when working with others is that you are going to be a much more understanding worker. The best workers I remember are the ones who could identify with me, even though they did not reveal thier illness to me at the time. That sometimes meant more to me and helped me trust them more. Therefore, I made better progress when working with these kinds of workers.

    So T. don't be afraid to take the anti-depressant if that is what your dr. reccommends. Your clients won't know the difference, but they will know that you have a good idea of what the y are going through and it will make a good difference in how others co-operate with you.

    Barbara, have you investigated trigger-point release massage ? That may do a world of good for you, it did me when I used to have it done. I understand that you want to continue to work and this massage might help you to continue for a while longer. It took away so much pain and gave me more mobility.

    I hope these ideas will help you.