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    Hey I posted my first message on another topic but I guess I should introduce myself officialy.Ive been posting on the depression forum for a while now.It seems I was hit with a double whammy--lucky me!

    Anyways Im a 26 year old female and have been diagnosed with FMS at 18.

    I remember when I was first diagnosed I was put on some meds one was Ralafen I believe?The other I cant remember.Well it didnt work and it gave me horrible spasms.

    I also tried some alternative remedies but failed.

    I find the mornings the hardest.Intense pain and fatigue and I dont want to get up!But the longer I stay in bed the more painful it is.I find I feel best when Im moving but Im so tired at the same time....Its a viscous cycle!

    There are people in my family that just dont understand they think because Im young that I shouldnt be sick.Y'know I feel like Im 86 not 26!They say I dont look sick but what can you do?You have to live with it.just because Im trying to function doesnt mean Im not sick.You just have to go on.I look at other people my age so healthy and vibrant and I feel like a piece of crap.I feel left out.

    Sorry if Im complaining but I needed to vent!

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    Hi there! Welcome to the board. I am 25 years old and have just been diagnosed recently, but I know that I've had it for quite some time. You are definatly NOT ALONE when it comes to stuggling to prove yourself to others. It is a daily battle, even with the ones that are supposed to believe in you. They'll be like, "Well, you washed the dishes yesterday, you must be able to do it today!!" It can be very frustrating.

    So, what types of meds and/or supplements are you on? Have you had any good or bad experiences with treatments?

    If you need a friend, you can always e-mail me. My address in my profile. Welcome again!!

    Big Soft Hugs,
  3. Shirl

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    Hi Chia, welcome to our world. So sorry you have this illness at such a young age, not that I think age has anything to do with it, its just that it makes me feel bad when we have young people join with FM/CFS, its so unfair to not be living your life the way all young people do.

    Yes, the mornings are the hardest with FM, we wake up so groggy and in pain that we cannot function untill hours later. Some do better than that but most all wake up like we had a Mac Truck run over us.

    I have a neat little trick that does shorten the time for me in the morning, I have a one cup coffee pot on the bedside table.
    I fix the whole thing at night (I am very alert at nightime), then when I wake up, I just turn on the switch and drink the coffee before I get out of bed.

    I just stay and watch the news till the cobwebs get out of my misty brain! The caffeine always helps, but I only allow myself one cup in the morning.

    As for those who don't believe you, well we all go through that one.

    I have learned what to tell them, and they usually don't repeat that I 'don't look sick' twice. When I am told that, I always respond with: 'Its not my looks that are my problem, its the pain in my body!'

    You would be surprised how this shuts them down. Of course I am a bit on the flip mouth side.

    Never feel like a 'piece of crap', you are ill, and in all honesty its not your fault that you have this awful illness. We just don't know what causes it, therefore no one knows how to cure it.

    Learn to like yourself, you are an important person, so are we all. We are just afficted with an illness, that does not make us less important or less then anyone else.

    For those who don't understand, its really not our problem, its their problem for not being compassionate. If we had a common disease the same people would be trying to help us.

    Most people with FM/CFS are type 'A' Personalities, we were very active, take charge kind of humans, but this illness justs slows us down. Does not make us any differnt than we were, just slower to me..............

    You take care, and I am so glad you came to this board. We have some terrific people here who will help you all they can, and be your friend too.

    Again, welcome to the board, and let us hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. ChiaPet

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    Im not on anything now but I tryed some meds and herbs and even this juice from india-I cant remember what it was called.

    To tell the truth I havent seen a doctor for it in ages and I havent even read anything on FMS in a long time.My therapist said to keep on the look out because they are finding new things all the time.

    Ill stick to this forum to stay informed and get support and give support in return.

    Again thanks for your kindness!
  5. IntuneJune

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    Love your name!!!!

    I have had FMS longer than you have been living!!!!! Now that could be depressing. :)

    There is a LOT of info on this board, lots of savy people. Hope you find some "tools" to help you cope. June
  6. Jen F

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    I was only a year or two older than you when I started to have significant problems affecting my daily functioning.

    It has taken me quite a while to slowly ease into being clear with my family about how debilitated I am.

    I think it is hard, esp as a younger person, to move out of the family roles that have been instilled in us for years.

    for example, if my father, who is healthier than me visits me, or vice versa, it's still often ME who is the host/cook/entertainer. It's getting less and less that way, by my efforts [or lack thereof!], esp the last year and a half, but this has been going on for over 4 years now.

    The fact that we don't look sick is hard for people to understand. It is all too easy for them to think we are lazy or have pyschological problems that deserve no sympathy/empathy.

    And for some reason, I felt like I had to hide how badly off I was from my family. I think part of it was I suspected they wouldn't believe me, and if I knew that for sure, then how could I have a relationship with them? So, I didn't tell them everything.

    I hope you will be more successful than I in your approach and somehow get your family on your side. Find a way to educate them.

    You know, I think if they were to meet other people who look well but have similar problems, that might be a powerfully persuasive event.

    Welcome to a board I find extremely beneficial!

    jen F