I'm not quite familiar with the Holy Bible...

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    I would like to know which chapters can help to reduce the helpless and hopeless feeling. Any suggestions?
    Recently, I'm experiencing really deep depression. I'm not sure if I got some improvement of faith. Although I'm in such a bad condition (maybe the worst comparatively), I don't feel uncomfortable with God, I don't feel angry with Him. In fact I pray more and more. The only thing is I still feel helpless and hopeless. The future is gonna be dark I believe.
    Few days ago I spent a lot of money to get medicine (Xanax & Zoloft) from hospital. I'm getting much nervous about my financial condition so I hope ithe medicines help.
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    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing such deep depression. I've been there as well. I just want you to know that everything you are feeling (even being angry with God is completely normal) Don't be afraid to be honest with Him about that. I can also completely understand how it feels to be despairing and hopeless. I know it is hard to have hope in the future. That is something I really struggle with as well. I hope that your meds will help. I also have financial struggles, so I know how incredibly frustrating that can be as well.

    I don't claim to be an expert on the Bible. Not even close. But here are some passages that have really helped me.

    Books of the Bible

    Individual Chapters
    Psalms: 18, 22, 42, 43, 77, 91
    Isaiah 43

    If you have trouble locating Habakkuk, Lamentations, or Job, just look in the table of contents in the front of the Bible. I would suggest reading the book of Job first.

    I also want to know that I have been praying for you and for the other people on this board. May the Lord speak to you through His Word!

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    Thanks a lot for the information. I'll read them.

    Well, truely, that is so strange this time. I wasn't angry with Him. I feel the distance between Him and me is moving closer a little bit (I'm not so sure, it's so abstractive). I hope I can keep this feeling.
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    Read the book of Psalms. That is in the middle of the Bible. Take your time. Copy out verses and personlize them. Where it says God you are... write God you are my...
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    My husband and I are Gideons. It is an organization of business men and their wives that go out and distribute bibles to Schools, doctors offices, hotels, etc...

    I am sure there is a Chapter in your area. We give them out free. What I like about these bibles is there is a self-help section in the front of the bible. It has sections for worry, depression, etc...to trials you are enduring. It shows you where to go in the bible for answers. This is a pocket bible. The only thing about this is that it does NOT have the old testament, only Psalms and Proverbs from the old testament.
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    I just wanted you to know that I was reading your posts and I am still thinking about you and will remember you in my prayers today. I pray that one day you are able to get out and meet someone who loves the Lord so much that you can see it and feel the presence of God and allow them to teach you. It would be easier if you had a friend with you in your walk of faith.

    We're here for you any time and everyone has given you some wonderful references from the word of God to guide your way. God is with you, he is always present, he is only a prayer away so keep on praying as you have been. He hears you and in HIS time he will answer in HIS way. Keep your eyes open to see him work and your heart open to hear him. You are loved by the people on this board and we look forward to hearing from you so stay in touch OK.
    Take Care

    P.S. I'm ready for another picture. I love your talent and look forward to seeing what you create next.
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    Thank you everyone. I feel so nice and safe to communicate with you all here. Please continue to pray for me and offer me informations when I need. God bless all of you.

    P.S. 143alan = Manager/ Nancy??? Am I correct?
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    Thank you for the suggestion. No, I can't consider any counseling because it's too expensive. I think there would be some cheaper services but I think they will put me on the waiting list and to wait for a long time (I think I'm comparatively not at a critical situation with other patients).

    The road is still rough. Please continue to pray for me. I'll pray for everyone as well.
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    Yes 143alan is me Manager - Nancy. Prohealth asked me to change my user name because I guess some people were confused and thought I was a Prohealth moderator or employee or something. It's confusing to me since the moderators are clearly marked.

    Oh well, no problems! I hope that you are reading the scriptures everyone suggested, and I also hope you are opening your heart to the word of God. He speaks to us through his word, other believers and circumstances.

    Take Care