I'm now considered a "case study"

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    I went to the Rheumatologist today for my follow up visit. All of my bloodwork was normal except my rheumatoid factor was positive. My bone scan did show "arthritis" in my wrists and sacroiliac joints of my lower back. He still doesn't believe it is RA. I am now his case study to figure out what is going on. He never mentioned FM (which is what I think I have- I fit into almost every symptom). I guess he needs to rule out every thing. He put me on darvocet and methotrexate. He is trying this for 4 weeks and then I have to go back. If it is working we will know that I have an A-typical case of RA. If not, we will continue our search for a diagnosis!!! Has this happened to anyone?
    Does anyone have both FM and RA?
    Thanks so much for reading this any advice is appreciated!!!

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    I don't but I'm bumpin'
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    I have yet to be sent to a rhumatologist but i did recently have blood work done and my rheumatoid factor came back positive. i go back to the doc in two weeks i guess shell send me then. i too had a bone scan and it showed artheritis in my elbows and all up my spine also my legs. this was done for a back injury wich ended up with 3 surgeries. any ways my doc also said i was a case study and shes not gona stop till we find out whats wrong. kris