I'm off the Effexor XR

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hurts2003, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. hurts2003

    hurts2003 New Member

    I took my last one yesterday. I've mannaged to get myself off the effexor about a week & a 1/2 sooner than the dr suggested. I haven't had any withdrawal from it other than beginning to feel a little more acky and stiffer than usual. I didn't see where it was doing much for me anyway and i think i was right. now comes the fun of getting off the Trazodone. That i know won't be fun because I know it helps me to sleep better. But if the cymbalta works as good for me as it has for a lot of you, then it will be worth a few restless nights until the trials start.

    AS for my elbow that i hit Monday, it still has a big lump on it and still hurts. I really think i must have chipped the bone, because i've never had a funny bone to hurt like this for this many days.
  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I hope to get off one day. I'm wondering how long the doctor suggested, and how s/he suggested going about doing it...?
  3. hurts2003

    hurts2003 New Member

    I was on 225mg every morning (3 - 75mg). He told me to take 2 for 10 days, 1 for 10 days and he gave me samples of 37.5mg for 7 days. But I took 2 for 7 days, 1 for 6 days and the 37.5 for 5 days. I can't tell any real difference since I started cutting back so i just speeded up the process. I am going to start a trial for cymbalta but I have to be completely drug free before i can start on it.
  4. lilbird

    lilbird New Member

    off effexor sometime in the future. I really afraid because I will get withdrawl's if I'm a few hours late taking my dose for the day.


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