Im only 30 and feel like an 80 year old- somebody please reply!

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  1. gingercat77

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    Just a quick question - anyone out there have difficulty with shortness of breath sometimes? If I try to exert myself I feel like my breathing is out of pattern- any one else notice this? Also sometimes this happens when Im waking up in the morning...

    if anyone else has this as a symptom please tell, and let me know how you cope with it..

    thank you!1

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  2. jole

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  3. claudiaw

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    I do sometimes. I think it is a cobo of thing's for me.

    I am not very active anymore, so I am out of shape. walking a few minutes wind;'s me a bit.

    Sometimes I get panic attack's from stress that leave me a bit breathless.

    I also have allergies and right now there is an air alert. I think I need to change the air filter in the air conditioner as well.

    That is just me though, if it continues on a constant basis, I would go to the doctor, especially if it is severe.

    Take care,


    p.s. Some med's can cause that if you are allergic, or take too much, like tylenol product's OTC or prscription med's.
  4. Lendy5

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    Hi, I get short winded alot also but notice it the most when I am eating. It happens occassionally when I lay down to go to sleep. I take klonopin for anxiety which helps me calm down.

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    i just posted the same thing a couple of days ago funny huh? i am 36 and my mother inlaw is 73 she runs circles around me . i dont even shop anymore my husband does. i agree with hayley chronic myofascial get the book charlene
  6. I am in my fifties and realize I am getting older, but I feel at least 90 most days. I think pain does this to you after awhile, it wears you down.
  7. barbinindiana

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    Alot of people with FM and or CFS have this problem. Do a search on Dysautonomia and Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction.

    It could be asthma, but if you have FM/CFS it's more than likely that you have this problem also. I've read that most symptoms of FM/CFS are caused by Dysautonomia. It's taking over 7 years for me to find this out.