I'm ready to try meds-suggestions please

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    I have been around the block in the past 10 years with drs and am wanting to tap into the wisdom of you all that have lived and coped with cfs. My preference is to use natural remedies and I have been trying the supplements esp, the mag and b12 and am not noticing much improvement. I am thinking about trying the rx route and wanted suggestions about what has worked for you and what you might recommend given my symptoms. Of course, I'll check it out with my dr, but I find it works best if I go in with an idea of what I want.

    My primary complaints are the overwhelming fatigue and brainfog. Many days I feel as if I'm operating under water. I wake up and within an hour or so I need to lie down. I also experience tics and wierd electrical sensations in my head and body. Sometimes I feel "buzzy". In the past, I had terrible episodes of vertigo and resulting hearing loss. Other bothersome symptoms include ear ringing, tmj and face/head/ shoulder pain, swollen glands, inflammation in ear (gets red and hot), sensitivity to heat, easily startled-overwhelmed by noises/light/activity, off-balance. My symptoms are less in the evening and when I'm by the ocean.

    I've tried the ssri's in the past (zoloft) and it was a night mare-felt out of control anxious and horrible nightmares. Is Wellbutrin significantly different? Since I have the neurological component, could it exxacerabate that? Although, I know that tics aren't seizures. I also have read a lot about Neurontin. Is it helpful for the fatigue and brainfog? Or kolonipen? I guess I'm finally open to trying medication, if it will help me get more of ME back. Any suggestions? thank you so much, Barbara
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    Just guessing but most of us have a thick medical file and more than one specialist. Since I don't have all of you background in my brain, I would hesitate to tell you what works. Mostly, because what works for one person absolutely does not work for another.

    I am hoping that you have a doc or two that you really trust and like. I would start there and begin with one med at a time. The reason I say one at a time is that if you have a bad side effect, then you will never really know which medicine did it even though the doctors was sure it was this one and not that one.

    I have just noticed we all take different equations of different meds whether they help us sleep, or our pain index or brain fog or depression. Your body is so unique to you that I feel I can't tell you what would work. Then only thing I insist on now is that I only try one med at a time for two week before starting another one. Then I can't get any side effects mixed up.

    Good luck,

    Lynda B.
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    read up on Dr.s Teitelbaum (sp?) and Cheney's protocols on the home page at the bottom. When I first started meds, I took my worst 3 symptoms and worked on them. They may have some prescription suggestions for the symptoms bothering you the most.

    B 12 shots helped me a lot for energy and so did the magnesium injectons I started recently. If I could tolerate the pills I would definately be including them in my daily supplements.