I'm really afraid about "more" fatigue after Hysterectomy

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  1. Kacjac

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    Hi everyone, I've been gone about six months are more, many may not remember me.
    There's alot happened "life stuff", I now find out I'm probably headed soon for a hysterectomy!
    I hear that you are very fatigued after surgery.
    I be grateful for any advice, input, two cents, etc.
    anyone wants to give, that has been through the surgery.
    A few questions.....I wonder about weightloss/ gain???
    Will my belly go down???
    I have fibroids (they think) a biopsy was done two days ago.
    The ultra sound showed 3 masses.
    TIA~ Karen
  2. sisland

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    Hi Karen
    I had a Hysterectomy when i was 29 after having 3 babies! the reason was Endometreosis! and yes i was really weak after, but it just took time to get back on my feet about6 weeks.................................................but after all that you will feel better! just take care of you!! and as far as wht loss i remember losing wht ! and yes your stomach should go down!! goodluck! sisland
  3. kinelson

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    hi, I had my hysterectomy in december. All was going pretty good for a while, but now I am really struggeling with fatigue, extreme weight gain, and more flare ups. In my situation however, having the hysterectomy was the best thing for me to do. I am just going to have to try to figure out a way to get through this new struggle.
  4. Kacjac

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    Yes, I agree, they are other options, but the fibroids can return. I'll just have to deal with what comes...I am 49, had three children, my baby is 19...... I'm so very tired of the pain, and bleeding, sorry, don't mean to get graphic, but geez....I've had enough, already, plus I need some work done on my bladder, I'm more afraid of that, then anything!
    Some of those sugeries fail, and have to be re-done, at least the sure fire way to get the fibro's is a hyst.
    I have been to the hystersisters web-site last night, it's great!
    Thanks for your stories....pls share more....
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  5. rosemarie

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    I was 34 years old and had periods from hell. The first 6 years of my marriage I had 4 laperscocpies. There were so many painful things going on . I had three daughters by then and I wanted a baby boy so badly but it was not to be.

    After the hysterectomy I was told by my MD that I had a cyst on my left oveary that was the size of a large hens egg, it was filed with infection and blood. I had vericose viens over the ovaires that would dilate each month and were painful at that time of the month. My right ovary wasfilled with cysts and a few eggs but not healthy ones , my uterus was in bad shape. When you have a period you have veins that raise up and make the lining , if you don't get pregnant the blood vessels will seal off seal off and sink in to the unerine muscle. Mine didn't work right they went in to the uterine muscle but kept on bleeding so all month long I was in pain.

    I remember that for me it took about 4 months for me to get back to feeling good again.But part of that time I was depressed as I said I still wanted babies and now I could not ever carry a baby again or nurse this baby and cuddle it. IT was so hard for me to accept this , but I finally did. And then I followed my doctors advise. And this will help you to.

    HE said that when I got home , the sooner I got up , dressed put on my makeup and did my hair , I would start to feel better. Yes I had to rest alot and I was fatiqued.But the days that I got up ,dressed makeup on and hair done and just rested I still felt better like I was me again.

    IT will take you time to heal and get the energy back .The best advise I can give to you is to get up , get dressed, do your hair and put on your make up and rest , rest rest,
    on't rush at doing things like cleaning the house. let it go. TAke care of you first. IF you don't have family around you in the weeks before you have surgery fix meals and freeze them include instructions as to how to heat them up. it will help you alot and be sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy veggies dark greens. And remember that you still are a woman and a beautiful one at that.

    Enjoy your life and live it to the fullest. TAke all the time you need to heal emotionally and phyically too.
    Remember that you have lots of friends who care about you.

    So don't sweat the small stuff. You sound like your mind is made up so go for it and get it done with. And then follow your doctors instructions adn get lots of rest and rest . Don't lift don't walk to much,and watch funny movies as laughing makes you feel better too.

  6. Marjidoll

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    I completely understand your problems. I had a hysterectomy and bladder repair when I was 41 ( 10 years ago.)

    I thought it was my only option then, and maybe it was, but there are some things I've learned since then that my doctor didn't tell me or was not available.

    You are 49 now. If you wanted to try more conservative treatment for the fibroids, they may not come back. They tend to dissappear with menopause. I do understand the problems they present, I had them too.

    As for the bladder repair, my doctor didn't tell me at the time that it can and often does fall again. He said after mine started to 7 years later that the repairs rarely last a lifetime.

    I have avoided the need for more surgery to fix it again by faithfully doing kegel exercises. I found a resistance device called the kegel master. You can do a google search and check it out. It's FDA approved. I showed it to my doctor and the woman's physical therapist who was treating me for the prolapse problem, and they both thought it was great. It really has worked, the problem is not much of a problem at all anymore. And best of all, no operation.

    No, I don't sell them or have any interest in them other than they do what they say they will do.

    I am not trying to scare you, but I was very fit and healthy when I went in for this surgery, and sadly, it was the decline of my good health. I developed the fibro soon aferward and within a coulple of years had to stop working.

    If I had it to do all over again, and knew what I know now, I would try absolutely every more conservative option. I am only giving you information that was not available to me. I talked to a lot of women who said they never felt better and the surgery was the best thing they'd ever done. I thought I would get the prolems fixed and get on with my life. Sadly, just the opposite has happened for me.

    I wish you the best whatever you decide and pray for a perfect outcome for you!
  7. Kacjac

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    You all have helped me, a lot, I liked reading your stories so much, it was like, we were all having one big girl talk!
    I'm still having to wait on the biopsy results.
    And get blood work done, but I'm looking forward to getting it over with, ( so, I say now) LOL... I'll get to the Hosp. and become a basketcase!
    geez, I'm such a big baby!
    But I guess it's only cuz I have had anxiety and panic attacks in the past.
    But most all I talk to say's it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.
    I feel for anyone, that has had problems with their's, it's just not easy being women...is it?
    Keep the stories coming, I'm reading every single one.
  8. JLH

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    Go ahead and get it done if you've had all the children that you are going to have.

    I had a hysterectomy and A&P repair when I was 32 -- just two years after my third child.

    It was the best surgery that anyone could have!!! I totally recommend it!! I felt soooo much better after it!! In fact, you should probably feel better and hopefully not be quite so fatigued after a reasonable recovery period.

    I had a vaginal surgery which gives you a much faster recovery.

    It is just so nice to never again have to worry about all the bloating, cramps, pain, and everything that goes on with your monthly cycle. Freedom!!! It's great!!

    I am sorry that you are having the health problems that require the surgery, but I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

  9. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I can't tell ya'll how much better I feel chattin' with you all about this!
    Hugz, Karen