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  1. CATLADY912

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    Out of the blue I just started to have pressure along the cheek bone and the nose. And now its getting numby and tingling in the face down to my chin. This sensation comes and goes but the pressure stays. What is going on now. Never had this before and it scares me.

    any advice would help.

    Thank You,
  2. tandy

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    ????could it be your sinus's acting up?I know when mine are,I get those sensations in my face,cheekbone area,and the side of my nose~ (its a thought)Do you feel stuffy at all....or pressure in your temple's? Those are all symptoms of a sinus infection. Hope your well enough soon:)
  3. azcactuslil

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    I had the numbness and tingling in my face for the first time a couple of years ago and a couple of times since then. My doc told its just part of the myriad of things that go on with FMS.

  4. granmakitty12

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    I have symptoms like these that are caused by TMJ
    syndrome. It can cause pain and numbness around the face and neck. I go to a pain specialist who is also a dentist who treats this type of problem.

    I'm not saying that this is your problem; but I am just telling you what I have experienced.

    Hope you can get some help with this soon.

    I also experience a light-headed feeling and dizziness when I am flared up.

    Good luck, Granmakitty

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Janice, I have made a trip to ER with these feelings which you have mentioned. Ever since I started taking Neurontin, I still have these feelings but they are not as noticeable. Mention it to your doctor, I would like to know what he/she will tell you. I give up on my doctors. I explain how I feel and they just increase my Rx dosage every few months. I am about to quit all Rx"s and start over. This DD is so frustrating. Take care.

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  6. CAREN

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    Dear Janice, I belive it most likely is TMJ. I also have this. Mine is more pain than tingling. it also effects my tongue. I also take neurontin for TMJ and for the neuropothy in my hands and feet. Talk to your doctor about this, ok?
    Blessings, Caren
  7. rdthewave

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    I've had these symptoms......the first few yrs of the illness......I did not have tmj......The left side of my face would feel numb and tingly.......I just chalk it up to the illness.......I've had many bizarre numby and tingly sensations with this illness. At first I was scared like yu......it really freaked me out, but now nothing phases me with this DD. If a new symptome pops up.....I don't get scared like I used to.

    Hugs, Tammy

  8. Jet75

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    Just a thought and a shot in the dark but could it be your lymph glands removing toxins. My face aches when I have a toxicity relapse caused by allergies. It aches all along my cheekbones but particularly at the top, by my eyes and the lymph nodes. I have been told that if the glands are overloaded they will hurt and that gentle massage along the jaw and across the cheekbone (perhaps with appropriate essential oils) will help speed up toxin removal.

    Best of luck