I'm sick of neck pain!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klarry, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. klarry

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    Do any of you have the problem I have? My neck hurts all the time, but the worst pain seems to occur after I have been sitting in one position for too long. To distract me from this disease (FM) I do a fair number of crossword puzzles as well as a fair amount of reading. I find that when I sit for long and then get up, my neck is impossibly stiff and rigid at first. Eventually it gets a little looser. I also have a crunching noise when I move my head - a noise that most of the time I am able to ignore. Am I just getting old? I have tried all kinds of pillows, rubs,etc. Is there any solution?
  2. klarry

    klarry New Member

    That was a fabulous suggestion! I have investigated getting a "reading desk" but this sounds like a much easier solution. I'm going to test it immediately.
  3. Applyn59

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    I have chronic neck pain as well and always
    use pillows under my arms. It really helps.

    My neck just doesn't seem to want to be a neck.
    Whenever I sit up for long periods of time or
    anything it hurts so much.

    A good chiro can be helpful. I have had some
    luck with myotherapy and physical therapy
    if you can find a good therapist, which is not

  4. txcookie

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    My neck hurts constantly also and the noises drive me crazy LOL. Kinda like the Rice Krispies guys are resideing in my neck. I saw a chiropractor once and never went back cause I couldn't move my head for 3 days afterwards. Ibuprofen helps but not enough.

    I crochet a lot and tend to sit in an ackward position so getting up and moving I look like Frankenstein.
  5. RedB

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    by just not sitting. A lounge chair will not cause it, but a straight chair will, and sitting at the computer will cause horrible pain that I just can't eliminate no matter what. Even the physical therapist can't help much by pushing out trigger points.

    Our favorite mantra in my support group is "just keep moving". It certainly is a pain in the ass not to be able to enjoy yourself by sitting on it! :eek:)

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  6. Applyn59

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    I usually am lying down and I have a laptop
    and use my computer in bed. I have various
    setups. Several different pillows.

    Yes, I can't sit up. That's the problem. When
    I went with my mother to all her chemo treatments,
    i would come home with bad neck pain. WHen
    there weren't alot of patients, I was able to sit
    in the reclining chairs. I just can't take sitting
    up. I thought I was the only one. Am glad I am

  7. debbiem31

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    Inactivity breeds trigger points. It's the number one reason why people have TrP's. An awesome book for SELF-treatment of TrPs is "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Clair Davies. There was a recent post about it. You could do a search.

    The best thing about this book, is it teaches you how to treat yourself. Because, honestly, it's better to do a one-minute massage to the trigger point several times a day. You just can't do that by going to a therapist. The cost would obviosly to prohibitive.
  8. Kim

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    Massage helps.

    Computer, reading hurts.

    Great Idea about pillows!
  9. mommydearest45ca

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    Hi to all:

    I am new to this message board. To all that suffer neck pain, have you had your neck Xrayed, a cat scan or an MRI.

    From what I understand, neck pain can surface as a victim of fm. I have had surgery on my neck in 1997 due to neck pain and paralysis of the left extremities.

    Last year the problem resurfaced, and I likely have to have more surgery. Am scheduled for another MRI in October, and the surgeon will go from there.

    You could have spinal cord compression due to osteopyte formation, and this is nothing that a chiroprator should be playing around with, as it could cause more damage.

    Just wanted to give you this bit of information, as if it in fact problems such as the above, you need to get your scans done, and then you need to see a neurosurgeon.

    My condition was so advanced, the my first neurosurgeon told me that if I were to have a fall, I stood the chance of becomming a quadraplegic, so he slated me for surgery the day I saw him, and now likely once more, as I have 4 areas of the spinal that are compressing the spinal cord.

    Gentle hugs
  10. dolsgirl

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    klarry, I have neck pain all the time. In addition to this wonderful DD I have had a herniated disk in my neck repaired and a titanium plate put there, just to keep it put. Above that one I have a bulging disk. But, no they won't take care of that while they're in there, that would make just too much sense.

    But, even before the injury, I had neck pain all the time & it usually is why I have to leave the computer...like now. dolsgirl
  11. klarry

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    Thank you one and all for the great tips about neck pain. I am going to try to incorporate many of them in my daily regime. My orthopedist has examined me, and feels that much of the problem is, guess what, FIBROMYALGIA! Bet none of you are surprised. The good news is that I have found this web site, and can get instant feedback from people who actually know what I am talking about. Like many of you, my neck feel so much better when I am standing or walking. Go figure.
    Tomorrow is the day of my first massage in many years. I can't wait to see if there is any improvement.
    Hope you are all having a good day, or as good a day as is possible.
  12. larayne

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    I too have so much neck pain. I have tried many things. One that does help the best is to take a muscle relaxer or tylenol and Put one of those cold jell packs around my neck and lie down. This gives me relief for awhile. I had a certain pillow that I took everywhere with me. It finally fell apart so had to get rid of it. Am now looking for a pillow that will not hurt my neck and cause severe headaches. Reading...I too use pillows. I can only use the computer for a few minutes at a time. I love my computer but its getting to be I use it less and less. Hope you get relief Larayne
  13. ladybuggster

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    I have had it for 11 years now! I literally woke up one morning when I was 28 and could not move my head at all. After several trips to several doctors, I was given a cocktail of anit depressants, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammitories and after a while I was able to move but......constant pain and headacheds ever since! I now take Vicodin (3 years) ibuprofen and once in a while only at night, a Soma. I am so sick of the pain and now in the past few years it has radiated to my right shoulder blade and back area. I sit here with ice. Every pillow hurts and I wake up feeling like I am 99 instead of 39. I do exercise so I don't get too stiff and get overweight but I pay for a few days.
    If anyone has suggestions for a pillow, I would appreciate it. I have been reading and this is my first post but I just had to vent. Unless you live with pain every single day, you don't get it. I try not to complain too much to my husband, co-workers and friends because I know they don't truly understand the pain and the annoyance it is to work and just try to act normal.
    I guess I do have Fibromyalgia since that is what my doctor told me a few years ago. I do have several of the syptoms that someone posted a while back as well so that is what I will go with.

    Anyway, thanks for listening everyone.
  14. rutters

    rutters New Member

    I have had neck pain for three years now and I am so sick of it. I am unable to take anti inflamitories, so I have had to suffer. I have gone to naturalpaths whch is very costly but giving me some relief. When I could not afford this anymore I sought help with a good chiropractor, this has made a huge difference in my quality of life. it keeps me loose helps wit the pain. This not for everyone, but it has helped me. My neck pain is related to FMS.
    Thank you rutters

  15. Donna39

    Donna39 New Member

    My neck is also the worst.This is where all my problems started.Mine has so many painful knots that you can barely touch it. I do go to the chiropractor once a week,maybe twice.I have some relief when I walk out the door,but a couple hours later,its back to the pain.Standing or sitting too long causes mine to be at its worst.Tahnks god my husband doesn't mind massaging it everynight,actually has gotten pretty darn good at it.He does my neck and back every night and it helps sooooooo much.
    I did have 2 MRI's and they told me that I had whiplash,I was in total shock.They asked me if I had been in an accident,and I said no.I know that my mind has been a little foggy and forgetful lately,but I'm pretty sure if I had been in an accident that would of caused the whiplash-I would remember.(I think so anyways)haha.
  16. HobieCat

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    What a great board!! I came here two days ago asking what I thought was a isolated question about self treatment of trigger points in the shoulder and neck areas(there is another thread called Theracane Alternative out there) but I think I may have stumbled onto a solution for my life. My question of this thread is: has anyone tried the Theracane, Backnobber or the Pressure Pointer for the problem being discussed? I talked to the Pressure pointer inventor yesterday (I ordered one) he said that he invented it because of a pain he was calling "mouse shoulder" from using the computer all day. Is that what is being described on this thread?
    The reason I am asking is that after getting familiar with this site and reading the posts from the very experienced people on this board, I think I may be suffering from some of the problems discussed here myself (I came to this board looking for a device like the theracane for my mom, who likes it, but doesn't have the strength to use it because of an injury) After working on the computer or driving a long time I get sorness in the back of my right shoulder, which seems to connect to my neck. The result is that I can't turn my head to thr right or tilt it back without being very careful about it, it feels like it may seize up and never move again. After a couple days it diminishes, but the dull ache NEVER seems to go away. I have gone to massage and chiropractors for the problem, the chiro almost killed me, seriously, I'm never going there again, what an arogant ass. It was somehow my fault because I didn't relax enough. How can you relax when some hurried stranger is trying to twist your head off? Anyway, massage felt great, but the releif lasted only a couple days, and didn't seem to get at the dull ache, although it felt like if she would have been able to work that one spot for a long time, it would have been more effective.

    I thought I was just a regular person who maybe had some overworked muscles from time to time, but I'm starting to think that I may have a condition, or at least a lifstyle which creates a chronic condition. I think I'll have to pay more attention to what the experienced people here have to say:)

    Keep the good ideas coming,
  17. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    You asked about good pillows. I bought a "water" pillow from a chiropractor years ago. it's made by Mediflow. You fill it with water. The outside is padded as are all the edges around it.
    It is the best think I have found. My boyfriend and I must have tried every pillow out there. I bought one, loved it and then bought him one. He said his shoulder pain went away after he started using it. I take it everywhere.
    Take Care,
  18. klarry

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    I am in especially bad neck pain today so I will make this short. I am so amazed at how wonderful you all are about sharing your own stories. It really helps to know that I am not the only one suffering.l
  19. Gran9

    Gran9 New Member

    I also had terrible neck pain until I visited a NUCCA chiropractor. One adjustment and it was gone. It has been 2 months now and no more pain.
  20. mek918

    mek918 New Member

    This is my primary problem. I sit at a desk 9 hours a day, which just makes it worse. I see a chiropractor who uses ultrasound on me - it does help, and I see a massage therapist at her office as well. But it's only short term help. I use ice pads and moist heat every night. Sometimes I keep the ice packs around my neck at work, but they only stay cold for 15 minutes or so. So it's frustrating. Nothing helps me medication-wise. I need a solution...